Grotto Names (and what they mean)

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Is anyone having trouble with the link to the calculator thing that tells you what's in the grotto based on name and location code? I put in the information and it doesn't bring up anything telling me what's in the grotto. I might be using the wrong link, it's in japanese and google chrome translates it for me.
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^Heres the one I've been using, its in english:
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Psychodub, I believe the percentages are for listing the Steal drop, as well as the two post-battle drops of the Boss of the grotto (regular drop and rare drop). And while each map will show separate stats for each grotto, I do believe the items dropped are static amongst the bosses.
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Maybe this sticky should be taken down.. now there's a faq
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@ sleepless

thanks man! So if you get the said drop then it will appear on the map under one of those other 2 percentages right? Because for every grotto I did I have 100% for the first one but the other 2 are blank
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They should, Psychedub.

But realize that, while the drops are static amongst bosses, each grotto will have a separate listing for each item. i.e., if you get the rare drop on grotto X, grotto Y with the same boss will be blank until you get the rare drop on that grotto itself.

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flapping useful thank you
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flapping useful thank you

What is this flapping you speak of?
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Hi, im new, and can ayone get me code soz that I can get a high level ice grotto with hard enemies, any boss! Plz! :)
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Man,u guys r harsh! You wont give me an answer