Grotto Names (and what they mean)

5 years ago#311
caseclosed7691 posted...
Thanks for this, have any tips for finding the entrances to new maps? I just beat equinox for the first times today and am now running around looking for the clay mines of glee and doubt.

well i have 2 clay mine of doubts so i dont think anyone could help u.
5 years ago#312
I am here for request, what is the name of Ice Grotto?
I need for quest 177.
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5 years ago#313
A grotto for 177 should have the following contents:
1. Ice grotto
2. Darkonium Slime appears on B1
3. At least 13 floors or more
The names are not enough to confirm the Ice grotto to be what you want, but what this post said works.
Dragon Quest IX Famous Grottoes -
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5 years ago#314
Okay, let me get this straight. If I have a class that's star ranked in revocation, and I have a lvl 99 in a different class, all I have to do is use the lvl 99 and I have the best chances of getting a high-lvl grotto?
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5 years ago#315
You should keep any vocation level 99 for your hero in your attributes to get the level 99 advantage. You can enter a grotto with a no star level 1 hero in any vocation, and still get the best chance grotto if you keep one vocation at 99 (meaning you don't have to "be" that vocation). Clear as mud?

To add to the mix, each revocation in a single vocation for your hero gets you an additional 5 point (I think) in grotto quality.
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4 years ago#316
OK using this "quality" thing, what would be a good quality to encounter a KMS or that Jewel thingy that gives you lots of experience? (I don't remember the name).

And also what level should the grotto map to find a KMS be (as in GOLD CAVE OF JOY lv. 65 )
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3 years ago#319
Nice writing, keep up the good work :)
From: The_Lone_Moon | #262
Wowzers, you are amazing Terence. O.O Thanks for sharing this info! it's very interesting ^_^

If i'm not mistaken, Terence is also responsible for all the data files on EO and probably much more. He's like a walking RPG data encyclopedia. :D
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