Detailed Info on Japanese Maps Save

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The innkeeper....
One of the options has a little picture of the DS next to it, that is tag mode.
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Damn, nevermind. I was being stupid. Never even thought about the 2nd option Erinn has :P
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Can we not talk about flashcarts in this thread...I kind of want it to stay open.
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Heh sorry about that.
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Cleaned it up for you, so when you post a new thread it is pretty much setup.

Silver Marsh of Bane Lv. 58
All Metal King Slime floor 11 - Boss: Luicid

Steel Path of Bane Lv. 69
All Liquid Metal floor 7 - Boss: Fowleye

Sapphire Maze of Doubt Lv. 75
Very good Chest Map. Further Analysis (maps, quick save charts) would be appreciated - Boss: The Trauminator

Bronze Crypt of Hurt Lv. 77
Metal King Slimes on Floor 9, weak chests - Boss: Fowleye

Silver World of Dread Lv. 79
Pretty decent chest map. I didn't get anything amazing, but did find some craftables that I'd seen in the A/S rank chests in Kawasaki. Some rarer trash mobs (Godsteed/Slionheart) towards the end as well. Floor 9 is all Metal King Slimes. Probably easer to get to than Masayuki's floor 15. - Boss: Hammibal

Sapphire Glacier of Bane Lv. 81
Not sure what is popular about this map, other than that it has a lot of high level trash mobs that I haven't found in other locations. Maybe it's just to fill out the monster manual. There were a couple good chests, but I did not go out of the general direction of the staircases to find them. - Boss: Atlas

Emerald Snowhall of Hurt Lv. 81
Floor 10 is nothing but Gem Slimes. If you're high enough level and have a good amount of metalhunting gear, this may be faster than the gold mail trick since they give out 10k a pop. - Boss: Greygnarl (Grotto version. Gives Dragonlord Map)

Emerald Dungeon of Fear Lv. 85
Not many good chests, no metal or gem floor. The only thing good about this map is that it has high level Fire environment enemies. - Boss: Fowleye

Emerald World of Gloom Lv. 86
Kawasaki Locker Map (Mad loots, chests near stairs) - Boss: Fowleye

Ruby Path of Doom Lv. 87
Masayuki Map (Metal Kings floor 15) - Boss: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Ruby World of Dread Lv. 89
Good chest map. Plentiful and near entrances/exits. More info on this map would be appreciated. - Boss: Fowleye

Emerald Waterway of Hurt Lv. 99
No special characteristics other than being level 99 and having the hardest trash mobs available (Pale Whales, Drakulords, etc). Also is a waterway with Bling Badgers starting on level 4, so you can use this to complete Quest 042: Letter Getter if you're high enough level to stand up to the other trash that can hang around them. Chests in here are not plentiful, but what there is are pretty good. - Boss: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
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Thank you. :)
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Does the AR DS Media Edition work for backing up DQIX saves too? The Max Duo is out of print now, so it's kind of hard to get a hold of.
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Does anyone have the link to the thread with the English save?

Search function doesn't work at all.
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The English thread appears to have been deleted for some reason. I had a direct link, but it just redirected me to the topic list.