DQ9 General FAQ 2.0 (Please read before posting. Thank you!)

Posted: 8/17/2010 2:52:48 PM
Didac, thanks, I wasn't sure about that until someone else explained it to me, that's a good breakdown of it. I guess my issue was, all of my characters, whenever I switched classes, I ensured they were within 3 levels of one another, and mixed and matched from there.

Meziathol...wha? LOL, now that's funny, you're asking about something covered in the actual faq part, in the thread of the faq. Here, from the section about random maps:

You can carry 99 at any one time, and this apparently includes special dungeon maps unlocked via the Wifi quests. These can individually be handed to the Hero to hold onto, where in tag mode they can be transferred and traded to other players.
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