Quest 177/178 Rusty Equipment

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Does anyone know how to get the rusty quests for the Erdick gear? Do they need to be unlocked or are the numbers even right? I know there Wifi quests, but I have no clue how to get those specific numbered ones. I've only got like 5 and there around #125. I saw someone else posted that they were on the quest 177, but I don't know how they got it;

Torso Piece= Quest 177
Helmet= Mini Medal reward, 62 Mini Medals
Gauntlets= Quest 178
Shield= Quest in Zere Rocks (Post-Game)
Sword= Realm of the Almighty (When it's demonized)
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they need to be unlock with wifi (or AR)

the wif quest are olny at, #125
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What's (AR)?

Are you saying they haven't been unlocked for anyone yet?
#4RyupowerPosted 8/3/2010 11:49:42 AM
action replay (cheat codes)
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are there legs and boots?
i assume there are
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I'm pretty sure there's no leg armor or boots for the Erdrick set.

As you can see here (the Erdrick set is the second one), it shows the same pants and boots from the DQI Hero's set.
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There are in fact no boots or leg's to this set.

See this website for a listing;
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It'll be several months before we get those quests since they are doing them in numerical order. I gave up and farmed level 9 blue chests until I found better stuff.

It's sad too, since I loved the look of the armor and wanted my main character to use it.
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How do you know if a chest is a level 9? Is there a loot table or something?