Equipment Special effects

6 years ago#1
After going through the FAQs, there still isn't a guide that list them. so i'm gonna transcribe them from ffsky website. similar effects are group together....

Here goes...
6 years ago#2
Cautery Sword+Aurora Blade
6-10 fire damage to all

Dragonsbane+Dragon Slayer
120% damage to dragon

Falcon Blade+Uber Falcon Blade
2 Attacks
Miracle Sword+Uber Miracle Sword
Recover HP by 25% of damage

Fire Blade+Inferno Blade
use = 23-33 fire damage to all

Matel Slime Sword+Liquid Metal Sword+Metal King Sword
Metal effective

Rusty Sword
75% accuracy

Stardust Sword+Nebula Sword+Supernova Sword+Hypernova Sword
Chance to sap target
6 years ago#3
Celetial Spear+Holy Spear
120% damage to zombies

Battle Fork+Trident+Glaco's Spear
120% damage to aqua

Sandstorm Spear
Use = Dazzle

Lightning Lance+Storm Spear
Lightning Elemental

Demon Spear
Chance to whack target

Hero Spear
Recovery HP by 25% of damage

Metal Slime Spear+Liquid Metal Spear+Metal King Spear
Metal effective

Poker+Stud Poker+Split-pot Poker+Red-hot Poker
Normal attack unblockable
6 years ago#4
Divine Dagger
120% damage to Zombies

Poison Moth Dagger
chance to stun target

Batterfly Knife+Dread Dagger
chance to paralyze, 120% damage to insect

Posion Needle
Chance to whack target, unblockable, damage = 1

Falcon Knife Earring
2 attacks

Assassin's Dagger
Chance to whack target

Icicle Dirk+Fenrir Fang
use = 25-35 ice damage to group

Sword Breaker+Soul Breaker
Chance to blunt target

Flame Tang
Fire elemental

Pruning Knife
chance to whack target

Deft Dagger+Darting Dagger+Dashing Dagger+Dynamo Dagger
1st attack in turn
6 years ago#5
Wizard's Staff
use = 12-16 fire damage to one

Staff og sentencing+staff od divine wrath
use = 8-24 wind damage to group

stolos' Staff
use = tingle

watermaul wanf+tsunami staff
120% damage to aqua

lighning staff+lighning conductor
use = 17-27 lightning damage to group

Magma staff
use = 20-30 lightning damage to group

Sage's Staff+Savant's Staff
use = insulate

use = 23-33 fire damage to all

Bright Staff+Shining Staff+Brillant Staff+Aurora Staff
use = disruptive wave
6 years ago#6
Queen's Whip+Empress's Whip+Goddess Whip
120% damage to humanoid

Gringham Whip+Mega Gringham Whip+Giga Gringham Whip+Uber Gringham Whip
Attack all
6 years ago#7
Sleepy Stick+Slumber Stick
chance of snooze

wind elemental

Knockout rod+Senseless Stick+Catatonic cosh+Coma Cudgel
120% damage to elemental
6 years ago#8
Sacred claws
120% damage to elemental

Handrills+Hammer Handrills
120% damage to machine

Fire claws+Combusticlaws
use = 23-33 fire damage to all

Cobra Claws+King Cobra Claws
chance to envenmon

Beast claws+Beastmaster Claws
120% damage to beast

Dragonlord claws+Dragovian Claws+Dragovian Lord claws+Xenlon Claws
120% damage to dragon
6 years ago#9
Foehn Fan+Gale Force Fan
use = 8-24 wind damage to group

Cobra Fan+Azure Dragon Fan
lightning elemental

Fowl Fan+Vermillion Fan
fire elemental

Feline Fan+White Tiger Fan
ice elemental

Tortoiseshell Fan+Black Tortoise Fan
earth elemental

Friendly Fan
use = 75-95 HP recovery to one

First strike, metal effective, unblockable, reduce target tension

Critical Fan+Overcritical Fan+Hypercritical Fan+Dire Critical Fan
increase Coup de grace rate by 6%, 7%, 8%, and 10%
6 years ago#10
Moon axe+Full moon axe
chance to fuddle target

Pro's axe
120% to plant

Ice axe+Avalanche Axe
ice elemental

Heavy Hatchet
120% to material

Bad Axe+Maxi Axe+Climaxe+Galaxy Axe
reduce target tension to zero

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