Equipment Special effects

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Giant Wrench
120% damage to machine

Terra Tamper+Terra Firmer+Terra Hammer
earth elemental

Giant's Hammer+Titan's Hammer
120% damage to material

Hela's Hammer
75% accuracy
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wind elemental

flametang boomerang+banefire boomerang
fire elemental

120% damage to Demon
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Fuddle Bow
chance to fuddle target

Potshot Bow+Hotshot Bow
120% damage to bird

Blowy bow+Billowing bow+Blustery Bow
wind elemental

Cheiron's Bow
use = 30-40 HP recovery to group

Angel's bow+Archangel's bow+Aeon's bow+Seraph's bow
120% damage to demon
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........ that was a doozy, well, armory for next day..
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Nice, this should become a sticky.
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This is a good topic and you should feel good for posting it.

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ehh, might as well do some now...
most numbers are in percentage, the exceptions are Hp or Mp recovery, unless otherwise

Iron Shield+Steel Shield+Gigasteel Shield
-5, -7 and -9 to fire and ice

Platinu Shield
-5 to fire

Magic Shield+Enchanted Shield+Ethereal Shield
-5, -7, -10 to fire, ice, wind, lighning, and dark

Flame shield
-10 to fire; use = fire resistance to all

Ice shield
-10 to ice; use = ice resistance to all

White shield
-5 to fire

Warrior's shield
-5 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, and dark

Dragon Shield
-10 to fire and ice

Tempest Shield
use = insulate

white knight's shield
-5 to fire and ice; -10 to dark

Power Shield+Empowered shield
-5 to fire and ice; use = midheal

Dark Shield+Ogre Shield
-5 and -7 to fire and ice

Boss Shield+Big boss Shield
use = sap

Silver shield
-10 to fire, -18 to lighning, -25 to MP absorb

Ruinous Shield
+50 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, and dark

Saintess Shield+Goddess Shield
-7 and -10 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, and dark

Metal Slime Shield+Liquid Metal Shiel+Metal King Shield
-5, -7, -10 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, dark and light

Erdrick's Shield
-10 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, and dark

Brain Drainer+Psyche Swiper+Devilry Drinker+Soul Sucker
-10 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, and dark; use = magic barrier
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Dragon warrior helm
-5 to fire and dark

steely sweatband
-40 to blunt

sun crown+apollo's crown
-30 to snooze and fuddle

Metal slime helm+Liquid Metal Helm+Metal king helm
-15, -20, -25 to snooze, whack and fizzle

Erdrick's helm
-30 to dazzle, whack, and paralyze

Hallowed helm
-20 to dazzle and fuddle

Blessed helm
-25 to dazzle, fuddle, and posion

Wonder Helm
-30 to dazzle, fuddle, and posion

Heavenly helm
-35 to dazzle, fuddle, posion and whack

Fur hood
-10 to ice

star circlet
-25 to fuddle

Ear cozy
-10 to ice

Holy hat+Hermetic hat
-25, -35 to whack

Hocis hat
-25 to fizzle

Tricky turban
-25 to MP absorb

thief turban
-25 to poison

Distrubin turban
-25 to poison, -10 to dark

malleable mask+papillon mask
-25, -30 to paralysis

Wizard's hat
-25 to MP absorb

Witche's hat
-25 to fizzle

-25 to whack

Happy Hat
Walk recover MP

spellward circlet
-25 to snooze, whack, fuddle, and fizzle

Spring breeze hat
-40 to dazzle

summer cloud hat
-40 to whack

autumn shower hat
-40 to fuddle

winter sky hat
-40 to snooze

Erinn's Hankerchief
-30 to Stop (War cry etc)
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magic mitten+enchanted gloves+ethereal gloves
-5, -7, -10 to fire, ice, wind, lightning, and dark

dragon warrior glove
-5 to fire and dark

metal slime gauntlet+liquid metal glove+metal king glove
-20, -25, -30 to blunt and sap

erdrick's gauntlet
-40 to decrease spell resistance

rubber glove
-10 to lightning

mayoress's mitten+marquess's mitten+monarch's mitten
-12, -15, -18 to dazzle and fuddle

gloomy gloves+murky mitten
-8, -10 to dark