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6 years ago#31
stealing against any monster is riduculous just like it is an most tuen based rpgs. I prefer gem slimes even if I do have to wait for them to show up in a grotto. Sometimes 2 will appear together Zelda:3780/8335/8891 FFCC:EOT: 4597/7607/7315
6 years ago#32
I find the Night Knight better, the Dark Shield sells for 8,600.
I get bout 10 a day now.

Most of us don't have a grotto wit Gem Slimes so I came up with this
6 years ago#33
read this yesterday thought I would try it.

Gold Mail took about 7 min of work to get around 35,000. I am sure someone will correct me on the exact amount.

I spent maybe 30-40 min farming dark shields and got 28 shields for about 270,000. I am sure I will be corrected

In about 35 min I could do the Gold Mail about 5 times for 175,000.

SO..if your have decent deftness this way seems much better way to make money. Beside the gold mail way gets very boring very quickly. At least with this method you still collect exp and gold from battles. Thank you topic creator for an excellent idea.
6 years ago#34
Are you pressing back so you automatically go from 1 to 9 when you make the Gold Mail via alchemy (would be awesome to do 99 at once)? I usually take about 3-5 minutes making, selling, buying 99. Plus, buying 99 is pretty quick when you press back to go straight. Then it's a matter of getting into the mode where you move quickly to and from each shop and back to the Alchemy pot. So about 408k - 245k every 35 minutes for me once I get into a solid repetition. Plus if you get used to it you can purchase and make before the graphics come up, shaving off seconds each time. However, ya, it's boring and extremely repetitious, and not everyone can get into that mindset to speed through it at a consistent rate.

Plus, drops are luck based, so you can have a nice streak, and then have a horrible streak, so it can work against you as well as for you. Therefor there's nothing to correct you on as the experience would be different and one could only hope those numbers are the average.

So ya, it's a good alternative in the end-game and early post-game, whereas Gold Armour is good in the mid-game. Gem Slimes of course, are best in the end. I should put this into 3.0. - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.
6 years ago#35
The alchemy method is overall faster for gold than the stealing dark shields, even with high deftness.
6 years ago#36
Because of the luck invovled I would agree that alchemy would consistantly be faster. the dark shield is a close second plus you gain exp and additional gold.

I dont have enough OCD to do gold mail 5 times in a row and I would never be able to do it under 6 min. I am just glad this was found and posted
6 years ago#37
The dark shield money method was also posted by RunAwayWojo316 on 9/4.
6 years ago#38
Yes he did, you have a good memory but it got little attention. glad this was posted again
6 years ago#39
Didn't know it was posted before.

I got the idea when I was hunting for a Skull Helm to make Apollo's Crown.
i had got 8 Dark Shield and saw that they sold for quite a bit of gold as i was trying to thin my inventory.

So I came up with this idea. I find this way better as I don't get bored as easy and get gold and exp as I'm also trying to raise the lv's of my to Sage's as they are in the low 20's.

Glad some others could use this.
6 years ago#40
Thanks travcm, I'll just link that topic to my sticky and get to it when I get to it. - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.
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