quest 159 [possible spoiler]

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6 years ago#1
When I talk to the mayor in wormwood creek to try an initiate the quest he goes on to talk about greynarl from upover, and the history behind him.

I've talked to him over and over again... can't initiate the quest 159 as listed in Damage_dealer's Walk-through guide.

Any Ideas on how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

159. Have You Seen Charlene?
Location: Wormwood Creek, mayor
How to complete: Buy 5 Sleeping Hibiscuses in Bloomingdale and make two
Yggdrasil Dews through alchemy (Yggdrasil Leaf + Elfin Elixir). Bring them to
the girl in the cave north of Wormwood Creek.
Reward: Three Mini Medals"

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6 years ago#2
Did you use AR to get the quest? The codes seem to glitch the quests when you get them early. You might just have to wait until it comes over DQVC in a few weeks.
6 years ago#3
Nah I haven't used AP... I thought that once you're post game its auto-unlocked. I guess I must be wrong. My bad.
Is it possible to get it if you don't have a WiFi network access?
Megaman SF ZxN: 1375-8903-3513
JUS FC: 1504-5018-4652
6 years ago#4
You'd have to multiplayer with someone that has it, but it would probably be easier to find an open wifi place like at McDonald's or wherever.

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