Is it normal for me not o like this game ????

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9 years ago#41
And that means... what? Hm, oh wait, nothing. It doesn't mean its directed towards children. Do you even know why those ratings are there?
9 years ago#42
Fine, fine, you're not pissed. Let me check UD for a better word. Ok, here's one... You're just being pissy.
9 years ago#43
I'm just going to ignore you seeing as how you're nothing more than a waste of my posts and time.
9 years ago#44
ah, if I actually used most net acronyms...

Mages, the problem here is you're getting emotionally invested
in your argument, and when people bring up counterpoints, you
start (figuratively) yelling and demanding proof, which is then
submitted. And then you claim it isn't definitive.

Let me give you a tip: this is the net, no one cares if your point
is wrong, unless you get "pissy" when shown the holes in your argument.
9 years ago#45
I never said that it was directed at a younger audience. I said that it was made to appeal and be more accessible to a younger audience. There is a difference.

You can make a game appeal to a younger audience with it still having an appeal to an older audience as well. If both can enjoy it, then that just means it's likely the game will get more sales by different age groups. If they specifically target children, then it may lose its appeal to others. As I said, even though the game is kiddy, I still enjoy it, not because it's targetted specifically at little kids, but because it's appealing to more than one age group.
I am a man.
Fallacia tuach'd cuiht dryd kenmo.
9 years ago#46
*Sigh* I can see you fail to comprehend a damn thing i'm saying, like so many others. See, if I actually did use any emotions, people such as yourself would be the cause of it. In fact, I actually used to get angry because of people like you who just can't understand anything and just make things up to try and "win" an argument. By the way, no proof was shown unless you're referring to the ratings of both games. Which, still, is no proof seeing as how they aren't designed to tell you which games are childish and which games are not. Seeing as how i'm only wasting my time and posts on you knowing full well that you're just a broken record constantly repeating yourself, i'll ignore you. Ceasing this petty argument. But before I do go, you all need to remember something... what I said was merely my opinion. If anyone is getting "pissy" its each of you. Attacking my opinion further proves that the stereotype of the average GameFAQs user is in fact, true.
9 years ago#47
Fallacia, i've got nothing against you personally. I'm just sick and tired of hearing people call it childish. But I suppose i'm a bit of hypocrite for attacking your opinion. I apologize.
9 years ago#48
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
9 years ago#49
And I apologize for playing around as well. Knowing that you admitted to only making most of these posts to push peoples' buttons, I decided to play along and leave as few openings as possible until you gave up and moved on to the next person. Seeing that you actually are allowing a rational end, I'll give you one for now. Now it's time for me to get some sleep.
I am a man.
Fallacia tuach'd cuiht dryd kenmo.
9 years ago#50
Well, I kind of left something out. Not ALL of my posts are just to push people's buttons. Some are me actually stating my true opinions and feelings. Oh and unfortunately, I really couldn't argue with you due to three others wishing to do the same. I get a bit overwhelmed, you know? Anyways, i'm just glad it is all over. Even I get tired of doing this from time to time.
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  3. Is it normal for me not o like this game ????

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