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Did Luzo learn Ultima? In chapter 3 one of the Assassins cast Ultima on my White Mage and it hit Luzo too. Luzo is a rank 7 Game Hunter. When I view his stats there is an extra line below Luzo's other attack skills but it is not readable: it is a line of dashes. When I get in a battle, there is no Ultima. When I go to Ability-learn, there is no Ultima.
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Can this artifact be found in PSP?

I have a little walkthrough of the "text adventure" that is in the
book about flying ship (I can't read this book's name). This book is a
random item you can find sometimes after you complete a sub-quest.
(See 10.1). To read it, you must choose the Brave Story menu option
in which you can display all special items you have found, choose the
book and press triangle.

You will play as captain of "Gloria flying ship" who fights against
"Paramegia empire" (Paramegia is a boss of FF2j). You must find the
Legendary Four Orbs to defeat Paramegia.

After all the conversation you will see three commands appear:

1. See "Kashibu" (statue that contains legendary orbs)
2. Move
3. See the rules about HP
You will see the HP below. You start out with 15000 hp and every action
you do has a cost in HP. eg. if you want to land on the continent
you will lose 500 HP

If you choose Move:
1. Go North
2. Go South
3. Return to middle area (main menu)

If you choose North or South:
1. Northeast or Southeast
2. Northwest or Southwest

At last, the name of two continents will appear, depending on which
direction you chose before.

If you choose Northeast:
1. Mazen
2. Abaronia

If you choose Northwest:
1. Kiro
2. Yorokobi no shima - Island of Joy

If you choose Southeast:
1. Aiaie
2. Poseidon

If you choose Southwest:
1. Barunibabin
2. Last Rock

When you choose the continent you will lose 100 HP and another
choice will appear:
1. Land on the continent
2. Return to middle area
3. Go to another continent

If you choose to land on you will lose 500 HP. Every time you go
from NE to NW or SE to SW you will lose 300 HP (I think because in this
direction you have to cross a storm)
Ther is a random chance of meeting Paramegia's servant every time
you return to the middle area or go to another continent. A choiche
will appear at that time:

1. Attack enemy
1.1. Attack with cannon
1.2. Attack with machine gun
1.3. Return to previous menu

Attacking with the cannon and machine gun will cause a HP lose (the
cannon will make you lose more than the machine gun).

2. Defense attack

Sometimes choose this choice will cause another ship to rescue you
and the encounter will end.

3. Try to evade enemy's attack

The cannon is better than the gun, I think.

To finish the game, you must land on these continents in this order:

Northwest first choice (Giro)
Northeast first choice (Mazen)
Northeast second choice (Abaronia)
Southwest first choice (Balnibabin)
Southwest second choice (Last Rock)
Southeast first choice (Aiaie)
Northwest second choice (Island of Joy)

Mazen, Last Rock and Aiaie will give you HP. It may not be necessary
to go to these.
After you get the 4 Orbs you will fight with Paramegia and an event
will follow. After all the conversetion, you will see three choices appear.

1. Surrender to Paramegia
2. Fight with Paramegia
3. Flee

1 and 2 will have the same result... fight with Paramegia. I'm not
sure about what will happen if you choose 3)
You will fight with Paramegia with the same fighting system as for
the random encounters. The fight will end after you hit Paramegia once.
An event will follow, after that the main (central area) commands will
appear. Now choose to go to Poseidon (WE2) and the ending will begin.
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Regarding my Luso not getting Ultima: does Luso have to be at job level 8 when hit, maybe?
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I am trying to teach Firaja, Thundaja and Blizzaja to Black Mages. I have a party of 5 Black Mages with one mage who knows the spells. I have done this 7 times so far with all 4 mages getting hit but not learning.

I am playing on a Vita with the copy from PSN. Can anyone confirm that spell learning works on a Vita?
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OK, they did learn it. Of course they acquired enough JP in the process to have gotten them anyway.
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Favoriting this post. Thanks!
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You're welcome!
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I love this game
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This faq is awesome, and highly resourceful.
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RevenantThings posted...

4.13 Does the English version still have slowdown?

All versions of this game have slowdown and there is no way to correct/fix it.

Actually there is a way to fix it... you need a psp with custom firmware and then download a patch to correct the slowdown. Just saying it in case anyone wonders about it.