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I'm just wrapping up Chapter III now and I noticed I lost my opportunity to get the Tynar Rouge. Yeesh, if only Agria's 2 knights had more personality or at least a unique Squire class I would have kept them. To me they were nothing more than a pair of generic characters that I quickly dumped in favor of my more advanced party. Luckily, I'm not a completionist so no way am I going to throw away 30+ hours of game time for that.

Few questions...

1) Anything else I might have missed?
2) Anybody figured out how to hack the save file to put a Tynar Rouge in your inventory?
3) If memory serves correctly, I had a similar thing happen to me in FFXII when I missed my opportunity for an ultimate weapon by not opening certain chests in order. As you can imagine, I certainly didn't bother to restart my game then, but I vowed to always consult a missables faq for rpgs going forward. (I certainly made good on that promised didn't I? Ha!) Anyway, care to share your "missed missables" tale?
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It doesn't have to be in Chapter 3. Just make sure you land on a town on Cancer 1.
#3CheeseBiscuitsPosted 2/14/2009 2:13:17 AM
Also, if you're talking about the Zodiac Spear in FFXII, its slow attack speed isn't really worth it.

Of course, you could always obtain one the ridiculously hard way.
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Just read some tutorials for Chapter 4 Because there are unlockables in that chapter.
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Right there:


Look at the table of contents, theres a section on subquests; on top of that, each subquest comes with a keyword you can jump to using ctrl-f.


Honestly though, do you think the FAQs tab is there for decorative purposes?
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You mean it isn't?!?

Seriously, that's one massive guide and you can sort of say I missed the missables section (ha, okay I'll stop doing that now - it is annoying).
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The fact that the site is called "Gamefaqs", FAQ meaning frequently asked questions, means that they are asked, frequently. That's why there's boards to post well...frequently asked questions. Really, if hearing the same question over and over, even if it's answered in a faq bothers you, you're doomed. Based on the site's purpose, any question you can think of, related to said game, will be posted on it's board...frequently. So it's kinda pointless to give people trouble for not sifting through pages of a faq for one little question when they can ask on the board. If it annoys you....don't post.
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Look at the table of contents, theres a section on subquests; on top of that, each subquest comes with a keyword you can jump to using ctrl-f.

I think you skipped this part.

Read more. QQ less.
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Reading is so overrated.
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Ouch. My condolences to you.

1. Read the Sticky. Its short and straight to the point.

2. Dunno sorry.

3. The Zodiac Spear sucked anyway only noobs liked it to cakewalk the game.
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