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6 years ago#1
We all know it is obviously useless to create a tier list from this game considering Cid, Beowulf, and Balthier are all OP, but this isn't to make a tier list, I just want to know what fun combinations of classes everyone goes in with. Now this could be serious or for play. The game is obviously not so hard as to make the vast amount of class combos unplayable. So what I want is your 5 characters, unique or generic. I want you to state their main class and their secondary. Then I would like a small explanation at the end explaining your group comp. For example:

Main Class: Dark Knight
Secondary: Chemist

Hey, Dark Knights are powerful as flip but don't have enough magic to res my fallen comrades, Items are an amazing replacement for that.

I just mean this for a laid back discussion and a way to pass time.
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6 years ago#2
Move +2/3

My basic Warrior/Magic generic. Equip him/her with a Moonblade or Runeblade with an Aegis Shield, Thief Cap/Ribbon, Lordly Robe, and a Featherweave Mantle. He/she is almost unhittable and deals pretty good damage. Obviously not as much as a Dark Knight or Orlandu or Balthier, but for a generic it's pretty good. You could also probably switch out Reflexes for Shirahadori and the mantle for a Genji Glove.

Dark Knight
Mystic Arts
Short Charge
Move +3

My basic Dark Knight. Since the Darkness skills are so powerful, there really isn't anything to put into the second slot that isn't going to be either redundant or support. I like causing statuses, since they're helpful with exploration and leveling. Alternatively, you can go with Punch Arts for the secondary ability and Vehemence or Attack Up as the Support ability.

Steal/Break Arts (I think it's Break Arts...Knight skills...used to be Battle Skill)
Martial Arts/Attack Up
Move +2/3

Basic speed character. Used for stealing stuff or breaking stuff. Auto dual wield makes that latter especially annoying. The Ninja's high speed helps with stealing, as does Martial Arts, IIRC. The higher the movement, the further she can throw. I also usually make this character female, because there are more male characters in story battles than female, so Steal Heart works better.

White Mage
Arcane Power/Short Charge/Throw Item
Move +2/3 or Move Mp Up

Healbot. Can either be a mage with items or a Chemist (gunner) with white magic. This works, but I personally like having Mustadio with Item as a secondary ability and Throw Items as the support.

Anything Second
Parry/Sunken State
Attack Up
Ignore Elevation/Teleport

Have her start dancing, then have Ramza or someone Throw Stone at her, she'll be invisible so long as you wait and she'll keep dancing. Dancing! Always twhirling! Or, Parry works with Cloth, if you want her to dodge.

That's five. I usually stick with those, except for the healbot, sometimes I just skip using her in favor of Mustadio or a character with Arithmetics.
6 years ago#3
Here's a fun little challenge: How to make Cloud good!

So, Cloud isn't that great. For all the crap you go through to get him, Limit is terrible and he starts at Level 1. Limit's main problem is that it doesn't track enemies if they move. This means Omnislash, Meteorrain, and Cherry Blossom are never going to hit anything unless you're specifically disabling a target to land these attacks. Additionally, Blade Beam and Climhazard are usually a little outside of the range of usefulness, either for being too circumstantial or for being too slow.

Giving him Short Charge obviously helps, but it actually may not do enough, especially considering you'll have other characters (Orlandu, Balthier) who are already hammering foes with power.

Also, you have to have that crappy Materia Blade to use Limits! Argh!

So there are two ways to build Cloud. Using Limit or making him a special sprite generic.

To use Limit, I suggest this:
Draw Out/Throw
Dual Wield
Move +3

Materia Blade in the low hand. Moonblade in the upper. Now you've got him with Haste and a stronger sword (if you don't have Moonblades, a Runeblade works as it strengths Limits in two ways). You won't be getting most of his Limits off, but you can use Braver, Cross Slash, and Finishing Touch, after a round or two of combat. Finishing Touch is probably the best, as it's fast, adds Stop/Petrify/Dead, and never misses. You'll also have Draw Outs or Throw, so he can use stuff as combat closes.

His other equipment can be anything. But, keep in mind that Limit and Draw Out are based off of MA.

Alternatively, if you go the Short Charge route, you can get give him a Magic of somekind. Black, White, Time, Summon, or Mystic. I'd lean towards Time. He's got damage from Limits, so why not give him support. Doing this should also mesh well if you focus on building up MA/Arcane Power.
6 years ago#4
Okay, okay, last one...for a while

Mustadio and Balthier: Brothers (well, distant relatives) at Arms

Mustadio is the first face character you get, and he's damn awesome! Leg Shot is just too good. That's right, Leg Shot, not Arm Shot. Pew-pew a melee character's legs and they can't do anything. Pew-pew a mage and play keep away, they can't do anything. Throughout Chapters 2 and 3, Mustadio is great.

Balthier is even better! All of Mustadio's abilities plus Thief abilities plus Barrage plus lus insane equipment choices plus the speed of a Ninja.

You may ask, why should I use Mustadio anymore. Well, aside from needing him for some side-quests, it may not seem like there are any reasons for it.

Except this. Balthier is great on his own. Mustadio is great on his own. Together, they are stupidly, bone-shatteringly, broken. It's like chocolate and peanut butter, good on their own, but fantastic together. With these two in battle, the enemies will never touch you. And, the best thing is, you can equip them to compliment eachother. Make Mustadio defense and support, make Balthier attack and undermining.

Aimed Shot
Throw Items
Ignore Elevation

Break Arts
Brawler (for stealing)
Ignore Elevation

Like this, the enemy won't know what hit 'em. Even Orlandu weeps.

Also, I just read this on the Answers page. Mustadio and Balthier both help Cloud fight stuff. They can pin an enemy while Cloud uses his Limits on them. This works, but there are still other options better compared to Cloud. Dark Knights, Geomancers, and magicians all love long-range attacking.
6 years ago#5
Isn't there a support ability that powers up the accuracy of Leg Shot and Arm Shot as well that could make them even more evil? Concentration, is it? Oh, and here is a fun one!

Martial Arts
Mana Shield
Attack Boost/Vehemence
Move MP Up

Walking tank and a half here! He may not be able to move very far, but he doesn't really need to. With the ability to Jump across most of the map to hit any enemy almost anywhere on the map, he would not be needing to move very much. But when and if he finally does take a hit, it will have to carve through his MP first, no matter how big the hit is. Then if he gets the chance to move and moves his full movement, he will have recharged a bit of his MP to potentially be able to take another hit, no matter how big, to his MP rather than HP. He already has a massive HP pool as well if he does take a hit or two to that. Martial Arts for Chakra, Revive, and Purification makes him a decent support character as well. Especially since Chakra can recover his MP even more to be able to take more damage!!!
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6 years ago#6
I don't think Concentration applies to Arm Shot or Leg Shot. It may...gotta check the Battle Mechanics Guide for the PSX version.
6 years ago#7
Arm/Leg Shot hit rate (Speed + 50) and is affected by Zodiac alignments. Probably why Balthier's seem to hit more, as his base class speed is higher than Mustadio's. If you raise them both as their base classes, equip with a Thief/Acacia Cap, Mustadio has a speed 15 and Balthier's speed is something like 18.

Also, Attack Up doesn't affect Jump. Vehemence might. Just a side note to consider. It's fine for the Martial Arts/Basic Attacks. That build you listed is almost the same I use for my Lancer/Dragoon.
6 years ago#8
I was pretty certain Attack Up didn't affect Jump, but it isn't necessarily for that considering how OP Jump is at high levels anyways. Besides Item and potentially Steal, what are some good combos with the Orator? Especially for the Reaction, Support, and Move abilities. I guess move would just be Move +3 considering how low an Orator's move is. I guess to really have a silver tongue, you could definitely give an Orator the Steal secondary just for Charm as well.
My top 3 games: 1. Final Fantasy Tactics 2. Shining Force II 3. (Don't know yet...)
6 years ago#9
Move +3

I think I broke something... >_>
My top 3 games: 1. Final Fantasy Tactics 2. Shining Force II 3. (Don't know yet...)
6 years ago#10
5x Ninja
steal, geomancy, item, Punch Art, arts of war
Short Charge
Move +3

Ever get the feeling you had little gnats just buzzing around you? This is it, and it hurts... Bad... Give them all Featherweave Mantles and g/l trying to kill them with anything other than Magick.
My top 3 games: 1. Final Fantasy Tactics 2. Shining Force II 3. (Don't know yet...)

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