Thinking about taking a crack at this game, JP questions *Mild Spoilers*

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No need to mention the heals, golem, heals?

When asking whether a class is useful, it's sufficient to show that an optimized version is ideal in several ways. And for optimal play, the best defense is a good offense. This is less true in a game where it typically takes more than a turn to kill a unit. Death is the best status ailment.

A lot of the questions you even wrote are not true/false nor were answered that way...

They... didn't need to be?

They're considerations in making such a decision. Sometimes they give you a clear answer, sometimes they don't.

I haven't been on this board much so I was more curious as to if they have managed to nerd up yet another game (funny thoguth in itself) with things like you can't use this or that or tiers when one of the strong points of this game is the ability to use a varied party and still do just fine.

Ironic. For a lot of people, this game is probably one of the first games where they learn to optimize, since it's so easy. Seems like you haven't read a Brawler Ninja topic.

Being able to use a varied party is due to the ease of the game, rather than balance. It helps that learning game mechanics nearly trivializes the game (which I view as a fault, given that many important mechanics aren't obvious or taught in-game). The superseriousness is also alleviated by the simple fact that this isn't a competitive game. But there are those on the PSP board (probably fewer now) who do jump on you for using "bad" setups.

As for tiers, there was a ranking list for the skillsets (including NPC and special skillsets), but it was done with many months of discussion (not flame wars), over several topics, and was for the PSX version. Summon was ranked second after Math Skill, but the PSP version's is nerfed.
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By the way, only the last question was not yes/no. The questions weren't really answered yes/no, because they weren't really answered at all, because that wasn't the point.
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You should be a politician! I like it.
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Well, I beat the game. Thanks for the help, everyone, it really did help me reach a point where I felt like I knew what I was doing.