How did this game get such high ratings?

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I was explaining this to my wife on Saturday why FFT is in my Top Five games (with Xcom and Masters of Orion shortly behind is Deus Ex then golden eye or half life 2 both equally grand)

First and Foremost the Game is a Challenge from start to finish. I like the fact you can have everything in the game and still have the same chance as getting killed as level one It has a flustering through the Roof when you get stuck on a tough battle but the reward for beating something that seems impossible is the greatest feeling in the world.
Second the Story is good not it was and is still great.
Third the Job system is a reward for the Grid
Fourth It was and is still something different
Fifth the CGI in War of the Lions is outstanding ad to the game did not get the first time through, and it is making me look forward to playing it again.
Sixth Graphics are fitting and good for this game.
Seventh This game has something games today are missing. I'm not sure if it is going back to my children hood and remembering it as every bit as good as it still is or still holds my attention. I love everything to this game but the slowdowns in animation are a bit subtracting.


I say this (Minus the slowdowns in the psp verison) With a risk reward system in each battle, a rich 20 hour story, and tough as nails. 100 plus hours in charter building, this game is every bit a perfect game or as close as you can get.

In a world of Call of Duty 3:00 minute matches, nonstop action, and over saturation of everything most have mutliplayer this game still finds it place as one of the greatest games ever made.

Want to know why this is a 9 or 10 by most peoples standards because it is a outstanding example of what games can and should be.
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Cubanboy_31 posted...
100 plus hours in charter building, this game is every bit a perfect game or as close as you can get.

You haven't played much Tactics Ogre.
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How did this game get such high ratings?


1) few major flaws and many fans.
2) lots of jobs, many of which are quite useful.
3) nostalgia, plain and simple.
4) lots of villains, almost all of whom die. Plenty of them die in unimportant ways (like Argath).
5) lots and lots of abilities. graphics weren't horrid either. some attack animations were pretty cool.
6) many sidequests, not to mention the rewards.
7) not too tough a storyline. Velius may be the oddball exception, along with the slightly tedious fight afterward.
8) replay value. no New Game+, but unless you follow a great FAQ, you'll miss something good.
9) complex characters on both sides. Nothing like a villain you can pity.
10) Cloud and Seph ..., er Elmdore, sorry. Actually, Cloud kinda sucks. Still had great optional allies.
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Well, as a known hater of a lot of stuff about WotL, I still think it deserves a 7 or 8.

Yes it is flawed. Slowdown, sound desync, horrible (IMO) translation, useless classes/abilities, and the near copy paste of Bathier and Luso from existing classes.

Despite all of that, and despite adding even more overpowered and silly stuff, generally locked behind multiplayer (another trend I dislike), I still love the game.

The reason: Endless replayability. There has not been a single game I have ever played in 25-ish years of gaming that I have played more than FFT. Because you can do so much. Its is as close to perfect in its genre as you can get.

You have a ton of options, every problem can be solved in multiple ways, and despite all their flaws, even the junky classes are still viable, if some tremendously difficult, to beat whatever with. Barring solo mime and true calc but that's a seperate issue and not a detriment.

Compared to most other SRPGs it does pretty much everything better. An amazing story, tons of options, distinct classes, generally an ok amount of difficulty, some punishment for abandoning units to die, but not instantly gone forever, and more.

You can move and act in any order, which is a huge feature more SRPGs need to stick to, not just move then attack, or attack and not move. Battles are a reasonable length, and PSP sleep mode can work around even that if have limited time. It doesn't ever feel like you need to grind for a ton of levels before anything. You are not shoehorned into a choice of class A or B or something so you can vary your style, and never feel like you are totally out of your depth and have no hope.

It has a minor exploration element, so it isn't on rails going battle to battle to battle so you CAN try stuff differently in a more neutral setting. You class, equipment and ability choices dictate how you play and you can be as flexible as you want, mixing and matching from everything, and near total customization.

No other strategy game does all of this at once. Disgaea has tons of endings and stuff, but classes are very similar, and it can be ridiculously grindy to do the extra content. Fire Emblem is on rails and curtails your options similarily, and punishes you more. Battles also take longer.

Tactics ogre, for its good points, is plagued by a horrible new class system, (everyone lvl 1 and no abilities because I don't have them until now? Even when as a guest in the previous battle they were lvl 20 and had good abilities? Or I recruit a new member and he loses all he knows because I haven't had one before?) And the abomination that was crafting.

New Game plus and battles scaling in TO is fine, but it gets dragged down by other things, and I never felt the same level of freedom to mix and match that I did in FFT. An archer is an archer is an archer, and they'll still be an archer, just with different weapon, because most classes had a vast majority of similar or repeat abilities.

There isn't another SPRG I can think of that does most of what FFT does, nor does it all so well. Also, there is none of the many I have played that I actually have no problem picking up again and doing whatever strikes my fancy at any time, without ever feeling like its identical to a previous time.

Just my thoughts.
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It boggles my mind as to how the translation is horrible. It fits the game in more with the Ivalice Alliance, and it's miles ahead of the original translation, which really WAS horrible. It was like watching elementary school kids putting on a play.

The slowdown and sound issues are really the only downgrades from the original. One thing they should've also fixed is the random battles; all SRPGs should let you decide on whether to battle on a map or not. Random battles really need to become a thing of the past.
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Pretty much agree 100% with Efrate. I rate this game higher than him, since the iPhone version has now become the best version having fixed (almost) everything that was wrong with the PSP (at least, the avoiable problems: i.e., slowdown, sound). Added bonus, while you don't get access to multiplayer in the iPhone version, you get to buy all those awesome multiplayer weapons when you beat the game. Considering it is next to impossible to play FFT:WOTL multiplayer, I was quite happy.

Tactics Ogre I do absolutely love, but have been playing 18 months and still haven't beat it.. ill play heavy a month and lose track, come back, etc. The new game plus just seems so incredible that I can't wait to complete and go back... but FFT must certainly be better considering since getting TO upon realease, during that time I went ahead and completed FFT again, twice (once on PSN - never knew about the JP glitch so wanted to play the game broken) and again on iPhone last summer.
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Raijinili posted...
Jesus Christ. You people.

No, he was arguing that the game was bad because it was bad out of the box.

Disagreeing with someone's position is no excuse for failing to comprehend it.

Check his 5th post.

He won't fix his gripe, when he could. His first post stated outright if was the length of battle due to the lag that was up his ass.

He was offered a solution, and said "No, I won't use CFW. This game sucks."

This isn't 1998 anymore. Patches and fixes exist for a multitude of praised, high budget titles.

Dissapointing it shipped this way? Sure. Complaining about it POST patch? I don't think so.

Jesus Christ. You Raijinili.
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#88RaijiniliPosted 10/11/2012 7:26:03 PM
He won't fix his gripe, when he could. His first post stated outright if was the length of battle due to the lag that was up his ass.

His argument isn't that the game is bad because he can't get past the lag, but that the game is bad because it was made with a lagbug that wasn't removed in production copy.

And I already said it: "No, he was arguing that the game was bad because it was bad out of the box."

"When I say it's objectively bad, I'm talking about the slowdown which shouldn't rightly be there, and which was never officially fixed by SE. There's a fan fix, sure, but was it available at the time of all the 10/10 reviews (which is what the thread is about, after all)? Well I'll never know. I know at least a couple of them fail to mention this problem at all."

A tech worker told me that Symantec (the anti-virus maker) had a bug in which, if you upgraded to IE7, you couldn't change settings or something, because settings were set in a browser, and the code had special cases for checking what to do with IE4, IE5, IE6, instead of something more flexible. He debugged it, changed the 6 case in the machine code to a 7, and it worked fine. Are you arguing that Symantec shipped a good product because HE went through extra effort (extra effort that was NOT through channels intended by the creators) to fix it?

This isn't 1998 anymore. Patches and fixes exist for a multitude of praised, high budget titles.

But those patches are released through official channels, and not made or distributed through questionably legal (reverse engineering is questionably legal) or warranty-voiding means.
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Not sure if srs.
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That's okay. I doubt your intellectual honesty.