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4 years ago#1
Pro ally been asked a million times before but does this game portray Christianity in a negative light
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4 years ago#2
It's not that straightforward, but the argument could certainly be made that the Church of Glabados parallels the Roman Catholic Church.

Because the Japanese culture doesn't have much history with "Western Religion," they find it much harder to ignore the past atrocities of Christendom than Western cultures do, therefore they play around with those themes in their storytelling a lot more.

There's quite a long list of Japanese games and anime where the goal of the protagonists is to "kill god" in way or another.

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4 years ago#3
As a catholic that's a bit disturbing is it true that at the end that your killing something that's basically the second coming of Christ
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4 years ago#4
No, not really. (Possibly Major spoilers ahead? Read at own risk)

St. Ajora, who the church and the 'religion' of Ivalice would view as their 'Savior', turns out to be just a regular guy, who turns into a demon. The church itself is viewed in a negative light throughout the story, as being a manipulative force, but not God.

Basically, the bad guys are demons. Not God, not a Christ figure, just a bunch of demons.
4 years ago#5
I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but while you could view the church in IValice as being SIMILAR to Christianity, they are very clearly two different things. As St. Ajora is not viewed as God, or God's child. Even in the churches eyes he was just a miracle child.
4 years ago#6
ok so from what im getting the church in ivalice is similar to a cultish kind of thing irl(ive wanted to get fft for a while and now that its on sale on ios only post here because the iphone/ipad board is pretty dead)
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4 years ago#7
Well...The church of Glabados is certainly based on Catholicism. However, there weren't any actual connections made. You know, the kind of thing that takes a lot of research to write about.

So no, I guess. Catholicism was just a template for their in-game religion. Also due to the heavy War of the Roses inspiration, that couldn't exactly fly on a Buddhist setting.
4 years ago#8
Why the hell(oh noes I said the h word) does it even matter? It's a work of complete fiction and nowhere has SE or even Matsuno has said that this game is fact or that Christianity is corrupt. If it really helps you to sleep at night just consider it super "shock value".

Random spoilers-rant

Ajora was just a phony so I'm not sure if that helps or make it worse. The game never says that "God is evil! We must kill him!!"

The religion in this game seems to be portrayed as monotheistic and corrupt but honestly this isn't the first nor the last time JRPG has done this.
-Ever heard of Xenogears? They don't even shy from using Biblical names and the final boss is "God" though you do find out it was a bio weapon gone wrong on a cosmic level.
-Yevon from FF X would actually be a close similarity to the Church of Glabados.

-If this game gets you mad I wonder what would the SMT franchise do to you. Look up that game and be horrified at their portrayal of religion and all of humanity.
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4 years ago#9
Lots of spoilers. Ye be warned.

Ajora was essentially worshipped as a holy child but turns out it was all a farse and totally made up, nothing the religion is based on pretty much exists. Ajora was a man/woman who made a church to be his/her worshipper just because. Ultima was an angel who fell from heaven after rebelling against the gods. I think ajora formed a pact and used some of ultima's power in the founding of the church but IDK. AlmasNo1Fan can give ya a much better telling of how everything connects throughout the ivalice alliance.
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4 years ago#10
But what about me? : (

This might sound crazy but: Ajora had no hand in forming the corrupt Church and letting it rise to power. Whatever the hell happened when the Espers/Lucavis first advent, it was never recorded so nobody knew the actual truth about it. The Church used that and the people's gullibility to set up their version of the "truth".

Ironically, it was Ajora/Ultima that almost destroyed all of Ivalice yet s/he got turned into a (phony)savior.
Katawa Shoujo: The visual novel that defies and kicks logic to the curb.
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