Ugh... quality control anyone?

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4 years ago#1
Just watched the CG movie cutscene in Zeltennia during chapter 4 at the church. Why, pray tell, does Ramza change back into his Chapter 2-3 clothes during the cutscene, than right before he he fights the confessor right after that scene, he jumps back into the chapter 4 outfit???

This little inconsistency should have been caught and addressed by quality control.
4 years ago#2
He has that outfit on all cutscenes of chapter 4.

Square probably regretted Ramza's buttpants.
4 years ago#3
that just irks me. it's unprofessional. I can understand if they liked his Mercenary attire the most, but if that was the case, they should've took the time and effort to recode from chapter 4 on so that his attire was consistent. either that or simply give him his true armor in the cg scenes.

I for one never had a problem with his Blue Power Ranger getup.
4 years ago#4
I never noticed this.

Makes me want animated buttpants. :(

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