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3 years ago#1
I've been experimenting with FFTactics Lion Editor, and Shishi Sprite Editor and it's pretty awesome and fun. What I wanna know is is there a way to make a custom job or a custom character out of nowhere? The only way I've been able to make a new job is to edit an old one. If I can't make one without editing another job, are there any unused jobs and sprites I could use? I edited Ramza's sprite and I'm thinking of making Ch. 1-3 Ramzas use Ch. 4 that way I can use those 2 unused ones, but what about jobs? I wanna experiment and make a bunch of custom chars like Vincent and Tifa
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3 years ago#2
You probably can't make a new generic job without replacing one.

If you want to make a new special character, try replacing Balmafula or High Priest Funeral (sp?). They have jobs and sprite sets that don't cause the game to bug up if you replace them and they aren't exactly super plot important either.
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3 years ago#3
Gaffgarion, Malak, Agrias, Rafa, and Mustadio all have duplicate sprites. There are also 2 unused assasssin sprites, and a ton of extra skillset slots. If you use one of the duplicate sprites, dont bring said character into the battle where that sprite is used. If you want something totally new, the extra assassins, balmafula and simon are good starting places..

Do not mess with Ramza for someone new, can cause a lot of issues. Leave those 3 sprites to him in each chapter.
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3 years ago#4
Thanks guys, that was very helpful. More questions though, where are these unused Assassin sprites? Can you spare the names of the High Priest and Balma and the Assassin sprites? Also, in FFTPatcher I see a bunch of empty slots in the skill sets, but there are none in abilities which kind of sucks. I'd love to make new abilities, is there a way for that? Also in the jobs there's 5 jobs available after Ultima Demon, before Dark Knight. Are any of those unused? Having 5 empty job slots, some skillset slots and 3-5 unused sprites would be enough for me to be completely satisfied. Right now I've basically replaced the Hebi sprite which is Elidibus if I remember correctly, Byblos and Construct 8. They're optional so I thought it'd be fine. I made a Rydia character which I'll be turning into a Summoner with better stats, the ability to learn Zodiark with JP but making the JP needed for all skills about 20-50% more. Also I made an Onion Knight Marche, and I'm going to figure out a nice cool assassin sprite and make it so he starts out battles invisible. I'm not so great at figuring out how to change abilities and items and such, but I want to make it so his regular attacks have like a 5% chance to instakill. Is there any way to do that that isn't too complicated? Also if you guys have any recommendations for a custom character or job or anything I'd be happy to hear it, even if I don't end up going with your custom chars I love hearing about people's creativity, and I might even get an idea or two.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall-o-text. I greatly appreciate it

Edit: I looked at the wiki and I saw the empty slots in the abilities I heard about said PSP Only so it was only for the original FFT. Is there anyway I can make a new slot, or are there any unused slots or abilities? I found 3 <Unknown> that I might try out, it should be enough for at least one job and I'll just add skills from other jobs
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3 years ago#5
Wotl is a pain but if ya want to know all the sprites its here.

As far as the 5% chance to instakill, as far as WotL goes there are little to no ASMs so thats unlikely. You could give a 25% chance using some of the various formulas.

As far as abilities goes, especially in WotL, what you see if what you have to work with, but its a LOT to work with. Steal gil, steal jp, plunder gil, plunder jp, shine lover (or whatever the jura aevis family one that steals gil) are nice places to start. Sing, Dance, and talk skill are not often used and can be rather easily changed. The poison spell, Haste 2, tier 4 elementals, or any number of monster skills are are ripe for plucking. Any special character skills can be altered, especially if you do not use said character.

Leave Math, Jump, and Charge alone, coding makes modifications to these either unworking or massively buggy.

If you want a lot more freedom in editing, work with vanilla, WotL is a headache. Tactext especially for wotl is massively irritating.

Shameless self plug:

See some of what I did to get an idea of how much you can do just with replacing stuff.
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.

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