"Final Fantasy Tactics S" announced by Square.

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zodiac_sword posted...

1) what 3 games are you referring to?.

I believe the games in questions could be the Final Fantasy Legends trio. You could also consider Mystic Quest. Tactics itself isn't a Canon installment.
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I doubt this will come to vita :/
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You must remember. The Final Fantasy Legends trio are NOT True Final Fantasy Games. They are the first three SaGa games rebranded as Final Fantasy games.
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zodiac_sword posted...
1) what 3 games are you referring to?
2) You kinda made the case for what wrong with this. The whole appease the shareholders thing has kind of been a source of many problems in this industry. They shouldn't have to make a sea of social games to get the ok on larger budget projects.

Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

And to address the complaint of them not technically being "Final Fantasy" games. The designers in all three cases were told to make casual Final Fantasy games and on an industry level, that was how they pitched them. Just because their marketing department decided to rebrand them for Japan doesn't change that they were developed as Final Fantasy games intended for a casual markets. The fact they straddled the fence in terms of marketing to consumers doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of development. Also, keep in mind the idea of the "SaGa" series and "Mana" series didn't exist until the second game in the series. They are only the first games in those series based on hindsight.

Also, you show a decided lack of business acumen. The alternative isn't an industry where these games aren't made. The alternative is no big budget games get made, ever. The video game, as is, has terrible profit margins from an investment standpoint. The casual games just barely move them up high enough to draw in investors. Without that, you would go back to the Atari 2600 era where 99% of games are absolute trash and the 1% of decent ones are extremely short with limited production values.
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Mattheau posted...
Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

The only one of the three that could be considered casual is MQ, and even that one isn't comparable to a social tactics game.
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FF Legend was always called Makaitoushi SaGa, actually, Mattheau. You're right about the Mana games, though--the first was even labeled Final Fantasy Gaiden: Seiken Densetsu.

Mystic Quest was always an FF. No disputing that.
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