Save game request.

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User Info: J6009

3 years ago#1
If anyone gets bored, assuming this is even possible. If I can get a save file at the start of the game with a few of every item, a male recruit with virgo sign with 90/90 faith/brave named John. Lastly as if I haven't asked for enough already, if its possible to make all cast times 0 or just make everything instant cast I mean. Id love to do this myself but from the research ive done im out of luck playing with the vita unless I go out and buy a psp. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out.

User Info: DarkKnight873

3 years ago#2
Are you still wanting this request?
PSN: Yuniver(GT: WhiteFlag0fWar)
"I commend your courage but I will show you no mercy!" - Beatrix FFIX

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