Patch for slowdown.

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3 years ago#11
TyrantLowKey posted...
glory_99 posted...
I was try it.. but not change.. still slowdown..

I was add livepatch folder (livepatch.prx , src , fftpsp).

I was add game.txt (ms0:/livepatch/livepatch.prx 1)

I was enabled "Game Patch /SEPLUGINS"

but still slowdown -.-a

me PSP GO with 6.20 PRO B8

This happened to me. If you followed the video, it is a bit off. The patch is in the livepatch folder inside the livepatch folder (atleast that was the case with me).

So try changing the text in game.txt to (ms0:/livepatch/livepatch/livepatch.prx 1).

That worked for me atleast because I had it inside another livepatch folder and didn't realize it at first. After I changed to this, it was perfect!!! Game is so much better on the PSP version and has more content. If this doesn't work, and you have an iphone or ipad, I suggest that as an alternative, but I am certain this will work. Post if you need any further help or pm.

can u send Me PM ur Folder+patch+Game.txt already works? please..
3 years ago#12
Make sure the livepatch folder is in the root of your memstick,not in the seplugin.
3 years ago#13
sure the livepatch folder in my memrystick not seplugins.. seplugins > game.txt
3 years ago#14
hmm,that's odd,it work fine for me.
3 years ago#15
glory_99 posted...
sure the livepatch folder in my memrystick not seplugins.. seplugins > game.txt

Did you see if your path is correct with the text file and actual location of the patch? If so, then I too can't help you.
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