Unfortunately I already see this failing.. and this is why

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4 years ago#1

Very poor mechanics. For instance watch the aliens... all they do is run towards you and then make an animation of standing up and try to **** slap you. If they wanted this to be successful and intense they would need the aliens to be faster, actually lunge and leap at you. Not just be **** as slow ants that stand up for a second and then swing at you which u can easy dodge by just walking back 1 step.

Another thing, and this isn't just for the game this is for all the movies now days. They've turned into mindless action movies now. They were popular for being actual sci fi horror with really good action. Not just crappy pew pew action. Very disappointed.

It doesn't matter whether it's a game in progress or in development etc. This stuff is definitely too far in for them to change any mechanics or anything like that. So honestly I'm going to definitely pass on this. Don't get me wrong I love the Alien AND Predator franchise. But SEGA really is failing to get the point and the idea of what needs to be done to make something successful these days.

4 years ago#2

i completely agree with you, i very much enjoyed avp2 on pc and being all by yourself 90% of the time was what made my expirience with it so memorable, plus the difficulty was as insane as you wanted it to be. its a shame about avp for 360 tho i was so ready to buy it at one point but i heard too many bad things about it.

4 years ago#3
I didn't feel the sense of danger in the dev demo either, the aliens almost acted curious and inquisitive, rather than savage and menacing. But then I cling to that work in progress disclaimer at the beginning of the video. They still have a good while to tweak the AI, there's still time for improvement, I think. One thing that definitely irked me was the fact that the player's pulse rifle fire sounded completely unlike all the others, it was stifled and generic. Little things like that go a long way in making or breaking the immersive ambience, which is crucial to a game like this in my view.
4 years ago#4

I doubt this game will be as good as we dream... Its going to feel like a cheesy 80s action film with unsatisfying shooting, repetition, poor story plot, laughable dialog, and extremely non-frightening aliens that we will kill by the hundreds before the credits roll.

I agree, the Aliens are the selling point of this game, if they suck then why bother?

4 years ago#5

i'm in agreement with this also. the demo just seemed really generic to me. unless they make some big changes by release it won't be on my buy list.

4 years ago#6

I'm liking everything I see so far except.. the xeno blood splatter. Does anybody else see how it's like a flat 2D animation?

4 years ago#7

DeathMetalPizza posted...

I'm liking everything I see so far except.. the xeno blood splatter. Does anybody else see how it's like a flat 2D animation?

I don't care about the graphics, the graphics are the least of my worries. It's the fact that this game's selling point IS the aliens, otherwise it's just a generic first person alien (alien as a whole, not the franchise) shooter. I'd love to see a proper alien game were you're actually unable to fight against too many and have to maybe run away on certain occasions and have them be an actual challenge instead of just a crappy unscary alien that doesn't even make you blink with their presence. This game is not worth being made.

4 years ago#8
I agree with the sentiments in this thread. Take away the Aliens setting/characters and we just have what looks like a generic and over-scripted FPS. It doesn't look like there's any features to add depth to the experience and set it apart from the basic blueprint. I know they've got upgrades and attachments for weapons but they need to take that further, with survival mechanics in health/ammo/upgrades. Dead Space would be a good game to look to in that regard.

Squad tactics should also be part of the game. Watching the footage of this game it just looks like a movie playing itself out while you get to shoot now and then. There should be commands for your squad to respond to, because otherwise the experience just ends up being far too automated.
4 years ago#9
It's a shame, because I had high hopes for this game since its announcement years ago. But, nothing I see so far has made me excited about it.
4 years ago#10
I'm looking forward to this (heck, it's been cancelled enough times) and as long as it's better than the massively disappointing (IMO) and poorly supported AvP3 game, I'll be okay...

BUT I've always felt that the *real* Aliens game that's never been made, the one I really want to play, is one where you don't play a marine or anything, just an average guy or gal like the folks in Alien. Thus, the game is basically a mix of "haunted house" style horror (creeping around in the dark) and terrified panic (fleeing Aliens). Basically, more adventure game than shooter, and more like one long Innsmouth (Cthulhu: DCOTE) or "bear" (Condemned 2) level.

Failing that... I'd be happy with just a more "survival horror" take on the franchise, to be honest; no regenerating health and piles of ammo everywhere, but a real sense of being against the odds, having to ration ammo and medkits, etc. A team-based game like that would still work (devs love MP, it seems)... something like "The Thing" but with multiplayer co-op and not sucking.
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