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3 years ago#1
This topic will bring little new to the table but I have never been a fan of Alien video games. I only have consoles (I say this b/c I understand AvP 2 or whatever for PC is supposed to be AMAZING) and have never been very happy with any games of the Aliens or Predator franchises. Maybe I've not played the right ones get the idea.

Of course, like all of us, I have been aware of this game for years now. And it was always being pushed back. Never paid it much mind b/c I assumed it would not be awesome.

Then...oh my god then...I watched some footage of the game on youtube. This could finally be it! The graphics were incredible, the scenario of the game looks awesome, and it appears that some real passion was poured into staying very true to the Alien universe and canon.

My only fear is that I dont know if I'll have the cajones to play it. I can play Dead Space 1 and 2 just fine but other horror games...not for me.

But I'll be buying it and, assuming that the bonus material isnt some lame action figure or something, I will be buying whatever Collector's Edition they make just to see more content. I'd also love to see a "making of" dvd.
3 years ago#2
Im looking forward to this game. After reading what you said, have you tried AvP for the 360? If not, im sure you can find it for cheap, I've been a fan of both franchise for a long time, I agree that the games have been lackluster, but I really enjoyed my time with AvP.
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3 years ago#3
Hm. I'll check it out!
3 years ago#4
thats correct. the last Avp was IMO an awesome game, little too short but awesome nonetheless.

the avp2 for pc its the best in the franchise :)
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3 years ago#5
Im not sure I would call it too short, you get 3 campaigns all of them are roughly 6hrs, so that's 18 hrs of game play right there, if anything I would say it's average length.
GT: Amish Assassin8
SJ13 A Buffalo Bill for the next 5 years!!!!! All about my Bills like im Stevie Johnson.

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