Games that got more hate than Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens Sweet Sixteen License to drive for the PS2. I loved it but people really disliked the driving mechanics, they said the driving felt to "floaty" but i disagree.

Not gonna lie, they had a mary kate and ashley party game, kinda like mario party, and me and my sisters/cousins played it all the time. ;__;


Heck yes, amazing game! XD
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Too Human

Satanism in Skyrim-
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Metroid Other M
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Diablo III
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Metroid Other M

Beat me to it.
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The War Z
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Superman 64
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Mass Effect 3 all because of the half arsed endings.

Amazing game despite the ending.

Red Faction Armageddon

Was decent.

Far Cry 2

Loved it.

Resident Evil 5/6

Not bad games.

Devil May Cry 2

It's the worst DMC but was ok.

Sniper Ghost Warrior

Gave up on it.

Hitman Absolution. I know it received quite a lot of hate.

I gave up on it and found it kinda rubbish.

Command and Conquer 4

Not played it.

Star Ocean TLH

I gaveup on it.

Crysis 3 :P

Looks good.

Tomb Raider (the new one)

Looks great.


Not bad.

Gears of War 3 (I've seen a lot of hate, just not sure how much exactly throughout the player base).


I know this doesn't qualify yet, but I'll put it here for future reference: Dragon Age 3.

Don't want it.


Awesome reboot just like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Dead Space 3

It plays exactly like the previous two but instead of having a shop, you need to craft items, something that fits an engineer.

Sonic 06

It had its faults but I kind of liked it.

Metroid Other M

Was great in places but was letdown by the stupid story, weapon authorisation and making Samus weak.
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Naughty Bear.
Resident Evil 5
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Medal Of Honor 1 & 2
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