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How do the AVP titles compare to this and would you recommend any of them? (Archived)protomahn92/15/2013
If Randy pitchford apologized for the poor quality of Aliens how would we know (Archived)
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Thinking of buying this. Game this is most like? (Poll)Ferarri61942/15/2013
I love how this is the second most discussed board (Archived)
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I got the Xbox 360 version to look better... atleast on my tv. (Archived)ghstbstr42/15/2013
Problem with Angry Joe's review - powerloaders (Archived)
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How is the community? Both at play/population? (Archived)Apl_J32/15/2013
(Spoiler Question) Who was the Marine? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Review, (Archived)GODx_x66642/15/2013
1 thing you want them to fix. (Archived)
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Duke Nukem: Forever looked and played a hell of alot better then this game. (Archived)ghstbstr82/15/2013
Spit underpowered? (Poll)RONIN_Y0JIMBO62/15/2013
Between the Aliens CM reception and Borderlands 2 DLC will Gearbox learn? (Archived)cabcalloway198352/15/2013
An open letter [of hope] to Sega Corporation (Archived)MalifacentX52/15/2013
Can you party up in multiplayer? (Archived)innersmoke52/15/2013
When will Aliens fans get it... (Archived)zeppo_basic102/15/2013
Just grabbed it out of redbox for a night, SP or MP? (Archived)innersmoke102/15/2013
Misleading Marketing of Aliens: Colonial Marines Worthy of a Lawsuit (Archived)
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The Final Score (Multiplayer and Campaign) Minor Spoilers (Archived)
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How do you become the crusher in MP? (Archived)Hypochondriathe42/15/2013
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