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We need to do something, even it is only a petition. It may help. (Archived)ghstbstr52/14/2013
wii u ver. cancelled? (Archived)Honey-Boy52/14/2013
My conspiracy theory about the quality of this game. (Archived)
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Price (Archived)
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A L I E N : Cross Breeds (Archived)Karaduin12/14/2013
Bishop? SPOILERS (Archived)hellslave52/14/2013
how do you "Gib" an enemy? (Archived)scbene92/14/2013
EGM's 9/10 review taken off of Metacritic (Archived)
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O'Neal sounds like the guy in the wheelchair from Family Guy (Archived)Ducati996R32/14/2013
So no trolling who likes this game or who really doesn't like it? (Poll)
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How do you unlock a marine's trait? (Archived)A_FamiIy_Man22/14/2013
easter egg achevement? (Archived)stet122/14/2013
Playable female character in Single Player? (Archived)VelvetVelour92/14/2013
First meetings mean a lot (Archived)AveryLuna102/14/2013
So wait, after this they expect 4DLC Episodes? (Archived)
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Cool Easter Egg (Archived)PsienceWins72/14/2013
Ok so I just finished on Badass (spoilers) (Archived)
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Oh sweet merciful heaven (Archived)RufusNKenRSTier12/14/2013
I Feel Safer Already help (Archived)UBCS_JMac42/13/2013
Why is the game getting such poor reviews? (Archived)
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