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Hudson's Pulse Rifle won't pick up ammo (Archived)Valtiel4332/13/2013
How do you change weapons in campaign (Archived)keabrown7972/13/2013
Which Gearbox/Sega game would you rather be forced to play under death threats? (Poll)NewCastlEmperor82/13/2013
Just beat the game, quick question. (Archived)whiterabbit136952/13/2013
Games that got more hate than Aliens: Colonial Marines. (Archived)
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Multiplayer's freakin' unbearable off-host (Archived)Aurora31342/13/2013
quick question about the aliens in MP. (Archived)casper31652/13/2013
Did they release the 2nd patch already? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Death is coming132/13/2013
Question For Xeno-Pro Players (Archived)Diggy_J62/13/2013
Would you accept $1 million to play this game forever? (Archived)
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A Great, New Aliens Game (Archived)Guirec73062/13/2013
Man am i glad i didnt buy this. (Archived)CrazyFool31942/13/2013
Isn't this game supposed to be about aliens?! (Archived)
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Was it timegate that developed the single-player portion or gearbox? (Archived)MrPwnzer92/13/2013
people not working like a team in dm (Archived)necro0052/13/2013
Anyone notice a huge bump in skill of the Aliens tonight (Archived)necro0032/13/2013
easter egg? (Archived)PostalDudesHere42/13/2013
What about the hamsters?! (Archived)CJL1332/13/2013
so who likes this so far (Archived)epyoncustom582/13/2013
Aliens Colonial Marines - All Collectibles Locations Guide (Archived)odds_32312/13/2013
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