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Who's to blame? (Poll)suzukimatsui22/13/2013
The way they handled challenges is terrible. (Archived)CalistoCoon92/13/2013
Would you like longer rounds? (Poll)Rannek1712/13/2013
How Come You Can't Use Fatalities In Escape? (Archived)Diggy_J22/13/2013
Question for co-op players about marine customization (Archived)Gatekeeper99932/13/2013
Spare a Ball Breaker? (Archived)Robbie891252/13/2013
can someone explain this gif (Archived)OgreBattle01942/13/2013
Personal Review (Spoilers) (Archived)Total_Reverse82/13/2013
How is the Multiplayer in this? (Archived)
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Pro PC 1080p Playthrough! (Archived)BFGameplay72/13/2013
One of the reasons people are upset is because it's a bait and switch (Archived)IndrickBoreale12/13/2013
Don't cancel your preorders, it's going to get Gamestop employees in trouble (Archived)
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Enjoying the game and a little tip to make the game more fun... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Soundtrack (Archived)Guirec73012/13/2013
Oh oops sorry!! (Archived)swatkiller54622/13/2013
If you really have a problem with the graphics... (Archived)
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worth a rental at least for the campaign? (Archived)
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Wait, why is this game so bad? (Archived)
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Game will not load lvl 2 in co-op (Archived)Ryuketsu204312/13/2013
Ofcourse it would be bad. So many developers pooped on this game (Archived)KillerMoustache12/13/2013
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