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PreOrder guns question...... (Archived)Evil_JigglyPuff12/13/2013
Shift Boost upgrade question (Archived)bhamacuk32/13/2013
No online pass? (Archived)soothsayer7722/13/2013
The game really isnt bad (Archived)
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So the lighting and geometry really reminds me of the first FEAR game. (Archived)CalistoCoon102/13/2013
If this were not an Aliens game.... (Archived)
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Is the Multiplayer worth it at least? (Archived)
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Double Tap (Archived)Raptorkitty32/13/2013
Did this game have bots in offline multiplayer? (Archived)deeringer00732/13/2013
You don't need friends to enjoy coop (Archived)pothocket52/13/2013
Worth a rent? (Archived)
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My only complaint about the single player portion... (Archived)RepublicanThug52/13/2013
Better Than Harsh Language (Archived)guyone6932/13/2013
This game was well worth it, even if you bought the collector's edition *spoiler (Archived)RufusNKenRSTier22/13/2013
I come bearing gift! (Archived)Brianzilla200452/13/2013
I need some help. anyone willing to co-op? (Archived)RepublicanThug42/13/2013
SEGA was close to taking legal action against Gearbox (where it went wrong?) (Archived)jackacid22/13/2013
Aliens Colonial Marines PS2 (2001) (Archived)Jiryn12/13/2013
Replay Levels? (Archived)Bartz_Clauser52/13/2013
Have you played the campaign? (Poll)
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