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I'm gonna wait untill this game is 9.99$... (Archived)MrMojoRisin35752/13/2013
Trolls and hate push this game to number 1 (Archived)
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Authentic idea for a new Game Mode (Archived)Robbie891222/13/2013
This is worse than Resident Evil 6. (Archived)The_Djoker52/13/2013
Should have been $19.99. (Archived)
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can you play as the aliens (Archived)unlosing_ranger22/13/2013
Go Back And Play the Old AvP PC Games... (Archived)FamilyMeeting62/13/2013
Just going to leave this here.... (Archived)
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Worst, Story, Ever *Spoilers* (Archived)
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I'm having fun with this game. But here's a strange complaint for you... (Archived)johnnycigar32/13/2013
My game of the year right here. (Archived)XT3M352/13/2013
This reviewer gives the game 9/10 (Archived)Brackie92/13/2013
BioGamerGirl gives a 7.5 review! (Archived)3dsghost82/13/2013
I like this game... (Archived)mmasich42/13/2013
DO NOT install this game. It will cause you to lose your save file. (Archived)
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Someone please explain why.. (Archived)
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And you all thought AVP was bad. (Archived)evansmp52/13/2013
Game is unrealistic (Archived)saleonkennedy92/13/2013
So i got to the campaign section with the infamous GIF (Archived)kasbian82/13/2013
I give the game 6.5 (Archived)RepublicanThug12/13/2013
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