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Is this game worth buying now? (Archived)
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anymore patches planned? (Archived)rid1ey24/20/2013
Hadleys hope should have been the first level (Archived)daverraver734/20/2013
Would you pay 20$ for this? (Archived)Nad_oh_henry44/19/2013
Did the patch really chance enemy AI? (Archived)sflowers53944/16/2013
So, why DIDN'T Gearbox get Bill Paxton to do Hudson? (Archived)KurtHectic84/16/2013
how do i unlock the assault rifle? please help. (Archived)Spire8844/16/2013
A new players assessment of the multiplayer (Archived)sflowers53954/15/2013
Did the patch make this game harder? (Archived)Ritalinfiend94/15/2013
Am I a cheater? Spoilers (Archived)szechwang14/15/2013
Are they REALLY going to do something to try and improve the graphics?? (Archived)
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Alien Life Cycle Mode... (Archived)Kant_Remoob_Eht104/11/2013
Can't beat raven in under 1:10 on soldier :/ (Archived)Ducati996R74/11/2013
Any news on the next DLC ? (Archived)SgtRarity44/11/2013
Where does ACM save to? It's not on the hard drive and (Archived)Ducati996R34/9/2013
Looking for friends to play A:CM with! (Archived)KurtHectic74/9/2013
Hope in Hadleys Help! (Archived)bhamacuk64/8/2013
Crusher Boss Fight Help **spoilers** (Archived)irishavenger7994/8/2013
Better Than Swearing Challenge (Archived)irishavenger7954/7/2013
Sega Europe admits to misleading Colonial Marines trailers (Archived)Mhunter0454/6/2013
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