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Is the online community (Archived)Albedo_Piazolla48/31 6:53AM
It'd be nice to play co-op without a bunch of people running around like idiots. (Archived)zombiehunting8417/24 7:22PM
Greatest Aliens Game Ever Made!!!!!! (Archived)WizardofTimes35/4 8:00PM
This game definitely is for Aliens fan who wanted to role play (Archived)HHM_HHU112/23 8:15PM
Starting up an online group. (Archived)don_scalfo110/5 3:44PM
Believe what you've heard... This train wreck isnt worth the $3 I paid. (Archived)moonlithunter79/3/2014
got brand new for 5 bucks...worth it? (Archived)1KOLDSUMMER58/13/2014
Is the DLC worth it? (Archived)titanmatrix28/4/2014
Turning off the power cells killed me? (Archived)LuigiD18/4/2014
Looking for people to play with. (PS3) (Archived)
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If you look on the bright side (Archived)GamingOnABudget15/7/2014
what was so bad about this game? (Archived)
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Anyone still playing this online? (Archived)Shotgunner24/24/2014
Been over a year, so I thought that I'd give my thoughts on the disappointed. (Archived)Superrpgman64/22/2014
any news on the lawsuit? (Archived)megatronwolf64/13/2014
Is the 4GB patch on consoles? (Archived)Flint_Commando44/1/2014
Re: Ragnorok - Acid Resistant Armor (Archived)Shotgunner13/19/2014
Looking for people to co-op Aliens Colonial Marines with (PS3) (Archived)JordTDL33/14/2014
Anyone for Bug hunt? (Archived)kethyl33/4/2014
Acid-resistant armor... (Archived)Ragnoraok12/15/2014
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