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Sega Europe admits to misleading Colonial Marines trailers (Archived)Mhunter0424/5/2013
Thinking about buying this from ebay for $30 (Archived)zy2j54/4/2013
pre order bonus (Archived)fogdog_alpha54/3/2013
Hold on a second. This game has a substantial dollar value attached to it! (Archived)
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short controlled burst trophy. .. (Archived)XDemonJokerX104/2/2013
Gearbox's Role (Archived)netsforex64/2/2013
Hawked Challenge help (Archived)ronin_ryunosuke34/2/2013
Most people don't seem to know where the crusher spawn place is (Archived)kronos9624/2/2013
huge pc patch-4gb (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
The Raven(spoliers) (Archived)ezio89944/2/2013
Bug Hunt team-up (Archived)netsforex64/1/2013
Challenge question ? (Archived)Mad_Dawg43/30/2013
Does gamestop/eb games have a 48 hour policy for... (Archived)
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Can you play Bug Hunt w/ off and online split screen? (Archived)jbaker33/29/2013
found Bug Hunt DLC impressions (Archived)xenosaga12383/29/2013
Strange Glitch? (Archived)Jonvandamm13/28/2013
I need a co-op partner (Archived)superman62013/27/2013
question about challenges in online campaign (Archived)Shotgunner13/27/2013
Is the game's performance and stability truly better after the patches? (Archived)jmichaelbp53/27/2013
The 4 skins that came with eb games pre order question (Archived)killaz1823/27/2013
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