EUR AR Codes

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8 years ago#1

Yesterday I saw a topic with EUR AR Codes for FFTA2 but I didn't save the codes. Can someone post them please?

Inb4 cheater. I beat the JAP version 2 months ago.
8 years ago#2

those are the codebreaker codes
8 years ago#3
Thanks but...those are US code, are they compatible with the EUR one?
8 years ago#4
yes they are compatible, I have used them myself
8 years ago#5
what about for the master code? what do you put in for that? (EUR)
8 years ago#6
you use the ENABLE CODE at the top if you are using an emulator like I am to put in the codes it should be marked like this [?]
8 years ago#7
Ack, cant use codebreakers just AR codes :/.

Thanks anyway :). Anyone with AR codes?
8 years ago#8
I found the thread that had some of the other AR codes in it.

unfortunately the thread with the whole list of codes was deleted.
8 years ago#9
Yeah I read that thread tonight. Why they delete the thread? I'll try this codes. Thanks again :D

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