Recruiting Frimelda

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User Info: DarkFlame00

8 years ago#1
I'm trying to recruit Frimelda. but the quest "I want to forget." has me stumped. Which do i kill, the dreamhares or the zombies?

User Info: Dethuli

8 years ago#2
This is my impaling wall. It's where I put the bodies.

User Info: DarkFlame00

8 years ago#3
thanks. i killed both and saved each under different save files, but now i'll continue the one where i kill the dreamhares.

User Info: Fantastein

8 years ago#4

It doesn't matter, actually...
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User Info: BasiltheDragon

8 years ago#5
I killed both lots of Dreamhares and Zombies, and I passed the mission... So I think it doesn't matter.

User Info: azn3gangster

8 years ago#6
i didnt do that mission...i get frimelda before i did it....was i suppose 2?

User Info: Shintetsua

8 years ago#7
lol i didnt know there was a choice XD

I hate Dreamhares so i would kill them : )

User Info: jascla92

8 years ago#8
I couldn't let someone kill themselves to forget, so I went for dreamhares.
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User Info: ffff

8 years ago#9
that quest is not even related to frimelda...

User Info: Timrod

8 years ago#10
You don't need "I want to forget" to get Frimelda. The quest line goes:

Under The Weather
A Chill in the Night
Show of Strength
Memories Forged
The Way of the Sword
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