Catching a Yellow Chocobo

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8 years ago#1
So how do I do it?
8 years ago#2
1) Get your Chocobo Knight.
2) Find a Yellow Chocobo.
3) Beat said Yellow Chocobo into an HP Critical, debuff-free pulp.
4) Move your Chocobo Knight next to the Yellow Chocobo.
5) Mount the Yellow Chocobo.
6) ?????
7) Profit!
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8 years ago#3
There are rumors that will tell you when the (black, yellow, green...) chocobos will appear, the season and the place where they supposed to be,

But there are other places where you can catch yellow chocobos, you can catch a yellow chocobo in targ wood, when the wolf monster appear on your map, there is one chocobo along with the fairys!

You must have a chocobo knight also, so when you put the chocobo to hp critical you can put your CK next to the weaken chocobo and choose the mount(opportunity command) or something like that =)!
8 years ago#4
bring nobody with the strike back ability....i swear, when i was catching my red it took 3 or 4 tries because they would commit suicide instead of coming with it something i said???
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8 years ago#5
i caught my red the first try, the green took a while. stupid malboros and evil fluffy bunnies. i killed all the other monsters and surrounded it with people who have no reaction abilities, and waited for its berserk to run out. i got it then.
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8 years ago#6
Hey guys if you catch a Chocobo do you get to keep it in your party after the mission/battle? like let's say my Chocobo Knight mounted on one and then after another mission if I use my Chocobo Knight will he still have the Chocobo? (not related to the Rancher's Request missions by the way)
8 years ago#7
Yes he will have it,as long as he doesn't ge KO.
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8 years ago#8
So things have been going along just fine, but when I have tried to catch the red one about 4 times and I never get the mount prompt. Did I make some kind of change to the Knight to prevent this from happening, or is the red one a little different?

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