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8 years ago#1
Hey people, how am I able to digivolve Veemon into Magnamon if the level limit for Veemon is only 23?

Thanks for the help.
8 years ago#2
Actually if you are referring to Magnamon, he is an Armor Digivolution, so you need the Egg of Miracles, and he has to be at lvl 40 with at least 10,000 XP in Holy.

The best way for you to raise his Aptitude (which says 23 right now) is to Degenerate him down to Chibomon, then keep bouncing him back and forth between the two, or if you can, Digivolve him up to Veedramon or ExVeemon, then back down to Veemon. Once the Aptitude reaches 40, you'll be able to train him to that level.

As for where you can get the DigiEggs:

Courage : Pallette Amazon
Friendship: Access Glacier
Honesty: Loop Swamp - Chaos Area
Kindness: Resister Jungle - Chaos Area
Light: Sunken Tunnel - Chaos Area
Love: 2nd Union (Story) Quest Reward
Miracles: Login Mountain- Chaos Area
Sincerity: Limit Valley - Chaos Area
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8 years ago#3
Will I still be able to get the digiegg of Miracles without being in the middle of a quest?
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8 years ago#4
I don't see why not. So long as you've finished the Union quest that was there at the beginning of the game(and you should have by now). So just go there, hop into that dark portal, and peek around. Don't worry about the Digimon there, they normally stick close to the norm of the area you came from (so long as the name at the bottom doesn't change, can think of a few times it's sent me to loop swamp)
Digimon Dawn FC 300770728921
8 years ago#5
Ohh!! I see. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to getting it xD
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