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7 years ago#21
I need to know what the codes for pachycephalosaurus and megalosaurus are.How do you get them?Do you keep digging for red dots after you put the codes in the action replay?I heard that pachycephalosaurus is in america and megalosaurus is in europe.But witch part of america is pachycepalosaurus in?And witchy part of europe is megalosaurus in?PLEASE I NEED HELP NOW!Please respond to this message.
7 years ago#22
If anybody is looking for a pachycephalosaurus and megalosaurus,pachycephalosaurus should be in america and megalosaurus should be in west of europe.Try going to the north mine in europe.It may take a long about 5 hours or more but if there are no red dots go outside then go back in.But you have to have the action replay and have the codes put in the action replay.
7 years ago#23
please trade me them
use this code
diamond FC:0817-3919-8995
7 years ago#24

:|I don`t really have them,I just found out about it.Please,Can you tell the real secret dinosaur codes for me.I try to actavate the codes but they wont work.Really what are the real codes AND HOW DO YOU ACTAVATE THEM BY USE THE L BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOON.Please I really need to know how to get them.And I don`t get the messages you send me.They make no since to me.Can you send me a message that I can really understand.

7 years ago#25

battle me and i'll give you a secret dinosaur.

7 years ago#26
OK I'm Game friend code:0947-0806-1311 name: Rex
when can you get on? by the witch EX dino?
7 years ago#27

I have them all.friend code rex

7 years ago#28

i'll battle tomorrow.

7 years ago#29
I'd like them all too please
use this code
diamond FC:0817-3919-8995
7 years ago#30

battle me 8 times and i give youall of the secret dinosaurs.

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