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I'm playing this game, anyone want an overview of what happens in the game?
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So how do saves from the first game tie into this?jb0804581/26 7:06AM
Any news on this?
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So I had a random dream about playing this game in Englishrandomweirdo101/23 4:45AM
Is this game in all Japanese?
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Voice ActingXillia2651/21 4:32AM
I take it will only get the digital Version? (Archived)Kaliesto411/29 9:22AM
While Waiting - I Enjoyed Ys Games I Had Never Played. How about You ? (Archived)oldguy279/24 1:07PM
Size for download? (Archived)solidusocelot38/22 7:03AM
Looking for some light character/party spoilers (Spoilers obv) (Archived)DekarTheDragoon78/15 4:31AM
What Happened to the Possible Release for iOS Devices ? (Archived)oldguy258/2 7:57AM
FC on PC out next week. (Archived)
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Screen Jumping (Archived)
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Happy 10th Anniversary Kiseki! (Archived)
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Any way to transfer my save file unless I get it on my original PSP? (Archived)
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Anyone Gone Back and Played the Gagharv Trilogy While Awaiting SC? (Archived)oldguy246/29 6:17PM
Haven't Played FC Since It Was New - Do I Need To Play Again in Prep for SC ?? (Archived)
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Money-making tips? (Archived)
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