i'm stuck, how do i get the power of mist?

#1AKA_WhoPosted 10/3/2009 12:17:06 PM
i cant think of anything else........i've been all over the map several times and i'm not progressing any. i just got pas the rooms with the gears and made it to a broken staircase that i can't get to the top of. i think i need to be a bat to do that? but before i become a bat i know i need to get the power of mist. where is this/how do i get it?
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#2unhinged_onePosted 10/3/2009 9:49:08 PM
The power of the mist can be found in the Colosseum. To get to the Colosseum you need to go the the Clock Room (you can get there by the bottom passageway in the outer wall.) Once in there you need to wait for the statue on the left to open up, the statue will open and close with each passing minute.

Once there you will be in Olrox's quarters which will lead into the Colosseum.

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