I like it here.

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8 years ago#1
Think I'll stay a while.
m P
8 years ago#2
How can one exist simultaneously in more than one place at once?
Sonic Blast - My Board
8 years ago#3
m ހ ^(o)^
8 years ago#4
And running shoes.
m ހ <(o^)
8 years ago#5
Very, very good running shoes.
m ހ <(o^)
8 years ago#6
m ހ <(o^)
8 years ago#7
And soup. Lots and lots of soup.
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8 years ago#8
Only if it's chicken noodle.
m ހ <(o^)
8 years ago#9
I hope you're not sick. Because then I'd have to pour broth all over your head.
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8 years ago#10
I suppose that's one way of eating soup, though not very efficient.
Apathetic boredom.
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