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6 years ago#1
I heard that the GBA version was based off "easy-mode" from FF Origins. Did the PSP version do the same?
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6 years ago#2
There's no real difference between the two as far as difficulty is concerned. If anything, the PSP version is a bit easier due to an exploitable glitch regarding equipment...

This version's basically the GBA one with some graphical upgrades and an extra dungeon.

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6 years ago#3
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6 years ago#4
You see--the NES and PSX versions are considered the Hard-Type--since the MP is based off..like what, up to 9 slots of MP per level of magic? And with Int not really doing anything, using magic outside of boss battles terrible, no things such as ethers.

However--the Boss's HP are much lower than they are in the GBA and PSP versions--which are considered the Easy-types due to MP being one big pool instead of 8 tiny pools, ethers being buy able so that you can use magic just about anytime and wipe out entire mobs without any problem instead of having to save up your magic for boss battles, and the PSP version is considered even easier in that you can use the Equipment Glitch to actually get a Nuke Stick/Judgment Staff as soon as you get a Leather Cap. That's the ability to cast an MP free FLARE before you've even really started the game! Also, some bosses "can" drop weapons way before you would usually find them in the NES/PSX versions.

but in all actuality, the only real "Balancing" done between the two games were increasing HP values, but even then that really doesn't matter much.
IE. Astos has 168 HP in the NES and PSX versions, but has 420 HP in the GBA/PSP versions.
However, he's still a pushover...
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6 years ago#5
the Equipment Glitch to actually get a Nuke Stick/Judgment Staff as soon as you get a Leather Cap

That sounds so seriously gamebreaking that I will have to beat anyone who uses it with the Judgment Staff I got from Atomos. (Also, nice to see you saw the post where I coined the term "Nuke Stick"!)

As for relative difficulties:

NES: Hardest, due to special weapons and support spells not working properly, lack of target redirection, inability to cure KO or Stone during battle, extremely limited equipment inventory, and maybe something I'm forgetting.

PSX: Easier than that due to fixes and changes, but still nicely challenging, as you would expect FF1 should be - assuming you play on Normal Mode. (Does anybody know if support spells, like Temper and Saber, were fixed here, or was it just the "typed equipment"?)

PSX Easy Mode: Level cap increases to 99, spell charges per level increase to 99 as well. Even though Origins doubled the HP of the Fiends, Warmech, and Chaos, it's not going to stop a team of juggernauts like this. I mean, the only way they could make it easier would be to throw in items that restore your MP, or maybe give you a way to cast Flare for free every turn.

GBA: The One I Never Played. I'm told that the PSP version is identical except for the new dungeon, though. And graphics, of course.

PSP: Easy as shooting fish in a medium-sized ocean with a high-powered orbital laser array. They ditched the Vancian magic system in favor of an MP pool, threw in Ethers (as well as a variety of status cure items not in the original/PSX versions), then added a variety of high-end weapons not in those versions, including a spell-use piece of equipment whose attached spell is Flare. The ONLY things that could be said to be a challenge here are the bonus bosses. Two in particular make me want to scream. (They did in their native game, too.)
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6 years ago#6
Funny that you believe Nuke Stick is a term you developed all by yourself..
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6 years ago#7
Probably not, but I did use it only the day before that other post. It's not entirely unreasonable to believe it might not be a coincidence.
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