Traitor Model A will be stomped!

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Yeah. I've seen Harupia here and there but I don't really post on many boards.
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The wonderous invention that is google.


. . . . . is that a steamroller~! *crunch* ow.


--coffee room

Duon:I got nothing.

Mysterious cloaked dude(MCD):Anytime now, I'll rip Thomas in two and become the TRUE final boss.

Spider:Now why would you do that? Just wait until they kill him instead.

Platinum blonde 21-year old: Anyone seen my uncle?

Omega:Who cares about him!

PB21YO(for the lulz):... don't make me use an old... attack... of mine. *puts on glove*

Vile:Oh, the horrible memories of that. If you want to get fried, go right ahead. If you want to hear what it is, just ask me in private. *walks away*


MCD:Just leave while you still have your dignity.


PB21YO:... I hate this move. I'll use it anyways.

Omega:What did I-

Duon:*drags omega out of the room so he doesn't get humiliated* c'mon, I need you alive. >_> That kid looks familiar...

PB21YO:... I hate being stuck in a capsule. Meh, whatever.
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Mark?: Heheheheheh, you're mine, Dark LOSER!*Dashes even FASTER, possibly catching up to Jay soon*
Three on one? That's not fair... for you!
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Duon:Ugh, how much lon-*smacks into wall*




*facepalm* I dashed too far ahead and made some wrong turns, didn't I? Great, I have no idea where I am.


Vile:Ugh, where did Duon go? Whatever, he can take care of himself if he did get lost. Lets keep looking for the dark elf.


Omega:Did you finally get that backup generator on for this room?


Omega:Great... maybe now I can check out the floor plan of this place. What are you standing around for, get out!

Galleon:YES OMEGA. *leaves*

Omega:Hm... I wonder if the bounty hunter got here before the power went out. ... I really should have checked the whole map before I sent to Duon. Now I gotta power up this computer, put in the passwords, and whatever else Thomas put in. Worthless junk.


"Pathetic! You call yourselves maverick? And you serve that worthless girl Ciel? Out of my sight!"

a flurry off beams erupted from the cloaked figures robe, curving and homing in on the mavericks. They were obliterated in an instant.

"Bah, this is no fun! Maybe I should pay "him" a visit. Or I could bug Thomas. Maybe level a city or two. No, no, no. I need to plan slowly. ... I've been planning this since 21XX, why am I still planning it even more? Oh, right." The form disappeared without a trace.

OOC:Duon got separated.
I'm sure Kaiser Blades doing 50dmg per hit won't work well on a keyboard. AmeliaSeyrunn
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[Get. Back. HERE! And. Post.]
I'm sure Kaiser Blades doing 50dmg per hit won't work well on a keyboard. AmeliaSeyrunn
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I feel your pain, gamefaqsatron. I feel your pain...
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OOC:You know, it gets me really angry when I see I could have actually joined this rp when it was active, and now its dieing. ... Then again, I think I would have failed at rp'ing at the time. Or maybe not. But hey, I've actually been putting planning into the final battle, while trying to keep space for variables. (ie. what other people want, certain characters dieing, different reactions, how the fight with Thomas goes, etc.) And now, for another bad guy!


"... Alright, I'll let you pay them a visit-but remember... MY master must get here alive."

"Um... You've told me that thousands of times... in the past century. Why do you keep saying it?"

"Because I'm BORED! You know what, I think I'll come watch you."

With that, the cloaked figure and the golden figure teleported in a flash of white as several lights in the room dimmed.

--Desert base-Lowest level

"What the?"

a white light flashed in the room that had just a moment ago been pitch black. Darkness was no problem for the bounty hunter, but nonetheless, the day had been full of insanity.

"Who are-Duon!"

In the middle of the room, stood a cloaked figure whose cloak emanated light, whose eyes pierced the shroud with a red glow and standing next to him was... a Duon with red eyes. (my Duon's eyes are blue.)

"Stay out of the way!"

"Hey, hear this! I DON'T need you to keep chasing Duon... I have a servant who can do the job just fine." The cloaked figure said, turning his gaze towards the red eyed Duon, who dashed away. The cloaked figure disappeared in another flash.

"What the... first he has blue eyes... then the one on the tape had gold eyes... back to blue... now red? I think I need to see a doctor."
I'm sure Kaiser Blades doing 50dmg per hit won't work well on a keyboard. AmeliaSeyrunn
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I couldn’t return here any sooner. Time was too short.
This is all I can manage for now because I am very tired.

*Lark and company enter the base through a cargo bay door.*
Lark: We’re in.
Lester: Thank goodness, I can shrug off this damn suit!
Mike: Hey... Does anyone else find it odd that there are no lights on?
Lark: I can’t hardly see a thing... Where’s the switch for headlights on this?
Candy: ...Oh, there. *points to it*
Lark: Ah. *turns the Ride Armor’s headlights on* Check your automaps and watch for a ping pointing to Jay’s position.
*They proceed further into the base. The sun will set soon.*
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...Our radar appears to have been blocked.
"What? That shouldn't be possible... Is there anything in the area other than the Dark Elf powerful enough to do that?"
Not that we are aware of. We will continue attempts to reactivate tracking on the Dark Elf.
The reploid swore, then activated his night vision and continued down the passageway. His tracers might have stopped working, but the map still functioned and he could see he was heading towards a large open area - which was odd, because he didn't remember it being there before the energy surge. A loud clanking echoed from further down the corridor, which was beginning to widen...
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OOC:I didn't notice until just a bit ago, despite going to the megaman wiki this whole month...

Leviathan is the featured article of the month for MMKB... *facepalm*

I voted megaman zx advent for the poll of next featured article.

oh, and I forgot to add, the theme ancient hatred, fight against ??? is now for against the cloaked figure and is the following music, skipping the first 16 seconds.

Also, I haven't found jay just yet because... well, I was waiting for you to say we could now walk in on him... when we already could! X_X I feel smart...
I'm sure Kaiser Blades doing 50dmg per hit won't work well on a keyboard. AmeliaSeyrunn