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9 years ago#1

I have eliminated all of the gang symbols in Little Havana and Downtown. It shows I have eliminated 20 of 21, and 8 of 13, how do you find the last gang?


9 years ago#2

when you go to certain locations in the game it will say you have found contested turf and a skull will show up on the map.

and i when you do certain missions and leads they will show up after the event.

9 years ago#3
I have found all of the ones in South Beach. Still looking for one in Down Town and Little Havana. I waited until my Gang Heat meter was full and whent to every place I could find to see if any showed up and they did not. I even changed time of day and that did not help. Has anyone found all of the gangs in Down Town or Little Havana. I think if I can eliminate them I can make distributions with less gang interference. It also says owned for those locations. Thanks
9 years ago#4
I've found all the gangs in little havana and downtown, weird thing is I've eliminated them all in little havana and the oakley theater still gets attacked when I make runs. Maybe its a glitch, I think eliminating gangs only keeps them from attacking you on road but not at your fronts. Can anyone confirm?
9 years ago#5

Ok guys I finaly got this all figured out now.

For Starts GO to this site so copy and search>>

After you do that click on the map below to find where all the gangs really are.print out your map and play your game.As you go to the certen spot it says the gang is at then a skull will apear the second you step into the exact place where there hidden.It will eigther show up as a skull when you find it or it will show up as a gray shaded skull as on the map.But the bad thing is two of these maps are miss named. what I mean is south beach is long beach, and long beach is south beach, they screwed up on labeling these two so I hope you notice that.But copy and search that web code above and you will find them.

Good luck Gamers and i hope this answers all your gang location wonders.


9 years ago#6
Thank You! I found and eliminated all gangs in my owned areas with you help.
9 years ago#7

I just beat This game 100% !!!!!!!!!!

And your welcome for the gang locator maps!!!!

This was a fun game,i took me 30 hours of gameplay to finaly get the world by the balls.

how long did it take you guys?



9 years ago#8

Ok,heres your answer, Gangs are always going to attack your fronts when your making your runs.It is not a glitch.Its just part of the game. If you want your fronts them to last longer from damage so you can get there on time to save it, Then go to your empire, Select Turf and Buy some survalience, and Henchmen for your securty and protection for your fronts so you can save them from the gangs totally destroying your front and when you save it you can resume collecting your income and move on to the next front,and alawys keep your gang heat Low same for cop heat.You can kill all the gangs in the game and they will still show up to damage your fronts while on runs.


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