It's official! A new Godzilla video game series!

#1MrPenguin7Posted 1/12/2010 11:21:09 AM
In....Japan. But supposedly for 2010. So hopefully there will be an American release eventually.

The series will include newly-recorded live action Godzilla video sequences by director Koichi Kawakita (he did the spfx for the Heisei series.) There's pictures of the new live action stuff in the latest G-Fan magazine (mag for Godzilla and other Japanese sci-fi films.)

No info as to who's developing the game or anything like that. No screens of video game footage, only of the live action shots that will somehow incorporate into the game (cutscenes? Super-Godzilla style?) So all we can do is wait. But rest be assured, there are plans for a new Godzilla video game series in Japan, and it will feature some great new live action scenes.

BTW, the live action Godzilla design in these shots is very much like the Millennium Godzilla in case you were wondering. He is shown fighting Final Wars Gigan, Anguirus, and supposedly King Ghidorah as well, who is not pictured.
#2MrPenguin7(Topic Creator)Posted 1/12/2010 11:24:37 AM
And also, out of respect for the magazine's exclusive story and to keep Godzilla fandom going strong, I will not be posting any scans of the magazine. Go out and buy yourself a copy, or subscription, to keep American Godzilla fandom alive! You can order one at

Hope that didn't sound like too much of an advertisement, lol. But I think you get my point.
#3gvampPosted 1/13/2010 2:06:38 AM
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#4MrPenguin7(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2010 1:51:35 PM
I gave a source. It's in the latest G-Fan magazine.
#5gvampPosted 1/13/2010 3:35:41 PM
I know what your talking about it's a Pachinko game. Sort of like this
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#6MrPenguin7(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2010 5:35:23 PM
I don't know what kind of game it will end up being, it's not out yet, but the pictures in the mag just show the live action scenarios. They're filming it just like a standard Godzilla movie.
#7gvampPosted 1/13/2010 11:10:52 PM
That's the type of game it'll be. It's basically like a video poker game you'd find in a casino.
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#8AvatarOfBaganPosted 2/3/2010 1:09:39 AM
Yeah, combination poker pinball machine that gives videos depending on how well you're doing.
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#9spookyOPosted 2/7/2010 4:10:22 AM
Pretty disappointing that this news is just for another Godzilla pachinko game. I was kinda hoping that it would be similar to what the TC mentioned...a Super Godzilla type of game. If you took the gameplay style from that title, but incorporated the idea of using live action footage, you could have a very, very cool game.
#10SMuffinManPosted 2/24/2010 12:45:04 PM
Other...people....actually like Super Godzilla?

I'm not alone :D. My alt, SaferSapphire wrote a review for it XD.
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