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4 years ago#11
part 8 wei story 3 /zhang he's personal item:
no chalange plenty of time no shortage of enemies. I liked seeing the recuring use and growth of huang gai in the stage. and you can start to see the seeds of decent between da ji mitsunari and cao pi as they plantly lie through their teeth to eachother. nobody trusts eachother and everyone is wearing such a facade.

zhange he is decent at low levels moastly by virtue of his repeteing non elemental (not that it matters early on) c3 his moveset is interesting in that tit has lots of movement heling to deal with archars and getting out of the way in genera, but making it a little less tricky to position offensively. he lacks good area attacks vs a crowd.
4 years ago#12
oops last part was wei story 2.

part 9 wei story 3 mitsunaris personal item
cao under evin closer watch lets key officers like sun ce excape unharmed. clearly he is not a loyal alli of orochi. and da ji saw it and then claimed to buy that it was an imposter.

mitsunaris personal item i remember being endlessly troublesome but this time it wasn't. its a but much to get 300 kills out of so little troops and last time i lost to sun ce's escape from actually grabbing the personal item but this time appearnly killing everything efficiently caused enough of a blocade that sun ce did not move out of the garrison. realy i expected to come here with a rant from what happened last playthrough but it was completely fine.
4 years ago#13
part 10 wu story 2 ranmaru's personal item

in the story we see wu with no remorse to battle itself and a huge rush from combat and ranmaru greatly confused by this. moreover we see that both sides fighting basically want the very same thing sun jian safe.

ranmaru's pi took 2 tried because the first one timed out. so the timing requirements are a little tight. fortuneately the 300 kills part is not timed and the map doens't kill stare ranmaru.
4 years ago#14
wu stage 3 zhao yun's personal item. this presented me with no chalange whatsoeverjust run in kill who needed to be killed no pressure to get a mere 100 kills, chasing down the 4 officers, well i didn't check to see how close i was but i made it first try.

zhou yu early game is quite strong. he is a tech character with a chaining c3 that stuns and the follow up gets a tun of air cirts. its awesome. this doens't scale but unlike some wothers where i say they dont scale other stuff he has does.
4 years ago#15
you're doing personal items now?
im trying to get all abilities then 4th weapons for everybody then im level them up
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4 years ago#16
i reccomend wu stage 1 on easy for leveling. run up to ma chao (no collateral on the way) ko machao. run back to the center till the ambushes start moving. once the ambushes start moving just quickly clean up the huge pileup mostly in the center. then go kill ranmaru.

as for abilities doing this

type (power speed or techneque depending on character)
(whatever you feel like)

weapon farming i recomend


play wu 1 kill the guy in the center who drops a weapon, yue ying, ranmaru more, ma chao. takes about 2 minutes for 3 4th weapons per character. im not quite sure if this is truely the best best though, while in stage time per weapon its unmatched the time spent in menues and such may make a stage that drops 4 a better overall yield.

the reason im doing pi's first is that there is a ton of overlap with doing that and character unlocking.

so for me its character unlocking/pis-> ability unlocking-> leveling/weapon optimization.
4 years ago#17
getting all abilities im doing the battle of tetorigawa, many officers and enough enemies. also i can just run up and kill mitsunari whenever. i only have sw2 chars left to do.

for weapons, i spam orochi's triangle charge on battle of five gates with diao chan. |
4 years ago#18
(on this board i think its better to refer to stages by thier faction stage number and type, like "battle of tetorigawa" = shu6x and "battle of five gates" = wei5x)

when i get to the grind ill be sure to try those stages to see if i get better results.
4 years ago#19
part 12 wu story 4 sun ce's personal item
ths took 2 tries the first mess up was my fault though. just have to aproack the main gate just like shima sakon tells you not to so peng de will be agressive, rescue sun jian, kill what you must to open gates and kill pang de. the 500 kils are not hard to get.

cun ce, he is actually decent early cause of a long boosted c2 . it doens't scale but he gets good stuff later that does.

part 13 shu story 2 (goemons not unlocked for his pi yet)
this stage causes a lot of people a lot of problems but its not that bad if you know what to do. killevery last enemy going to yue ying open the door and then just sit on yue ying for the rest of the stage, i do not look to goemon's pi.

part 14 shu story 3 yue yings personal item
i failed this so many times and i dont know why. messengers aren't so bad if you use a horse, they are terrible if you have to chase them. but i coudlnt figure out what to do with yuki's charge. but eventually it worked.

yue ying is incredably damaging with her c1 if you can space it. it is also switch cancelable to make it safe though not useable in chaos solo tiering, but it is not fair to take it away from her looking at her generally.
4 years ago#20
ya know what i think im done with this.
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