Thinking of getting this game

#11CabadobediaPosted 1/16/2008 8:02:28 PM
You might want to try DDR Mario Mix on the Gamecube - the Wii plays gamecube games just fine.

Just Mario and Luigi there, no dancers dressed like skanks :)

May be tricky to find at retailers, may wanna try through Nintendo itself, or possibly even E-bay. I must say though, DDR is probably a better workout (at least cardio) than Wii-fit will ever be :D
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My opinion on this game based on your criteria... If you don't mind Guitar Hero 3, then this game will seem like it was made for kids, lol! If you still aren't sure, you can just look at the ESRB ratings on the boxes for this game and GH3... DDR:HP is rated: E10+(everyone 10 or over) and GH3 is rated: T (teens). The pictures posted above by Morag2005 really are the worst this game has to offer... The dance moves the characters do, don't have any explicitness to them, despite the name of the game: Hottest Party. That probably confuses some. (see the video below)

As for the song lyrics in this game, the song with the worst lyrics would probably be SUPER SAMURAI. However, I actually didn't know what they were until I looked in this guide, that basically means your kids probably won't understand the lyrics either. You can look at the lyrics to all the songs in the game in CyricZ's FAQ:
(the guide on the top)

But, I'll just copy and paste SUPER SAMURAI's lyrics here to make it easier for you...


I'm a samurai coming to NYC
I'm a samurai coming to NYC
I'm a samurai coming to NYC
To NYC, to NYC

I'm a samurai coming to New York, you're caught
In the reign of the warlord, looking for my sport
The swords get drawn
The enemies are warned
And bodies will fall when a new day dawns

I'm a samurai coming to NYC
To NYC, to NYC

You paid the price
You won't survive
Let my sword slice and dice
And deal death precise when I
Rise out of the shadows for heavy battles
Let my foes run then hide
On the streets of the Big Apple

Explosion attack
100-hand slap
I crack skulls on katana impact
Back for revenge, I'm sent to cause mayhem
Nobody's friend, I tend to leave dead men

You're out!

I'm a samurai coming to NYC
I'm a samurai coming to NYC
I'm a samurai coming to NYC
To NYC, to NYC

Finally to hear the song itself and see some gameplay... This is the best video of the song I could find on Youtube. I'm sure you could find better music somewhere else since this is a off-screen video, but this video kills 2 birds with one stone.

I hope I helped you make your decision!

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