I finally did it! ZONE ZEUS (925 miles per hour)

#1EseenuzPosted 12/19/2012 8:56:18 AM
It took me a couple of years (since late 2009) but I finally passed zone 75 in Wipeout HDlol

Stage: Anulpha Pass
Total perfect zones 76

maximum velocity 1,487km/hour (924 mph)
That was incredibly fast man... the speed of sound at sea level is = 761.207051 miles per hour (according to google)

So I was going like Mach 1.2 lol man I was getting speed drunk
This trophy was incredibly challenging, even Demon's Souls wasn't as difficult as this trophy (I has DeS Plat)

I was listening to (dark side of the moon) Pink Floyd - Breathe... I just thanked God after I finally got this trophy... it went way beyond any kind of rage quitting I sincerely had to love the sheer speed rush.. awesome

Well, I'm gonna go check how rare the ZZtrophy is.. as it is my rank is in the upper 3,000 in the world (or is it in North America?)
Does anyone have the Wipeout Plat? If so leave you psn and I'll add you to compare trophies.

(I posted this on PS3 board however, it only seems just to post it here aswell)

#2_Red___XIII_Posted 12/20/2012 4:17:31 PM
Congrats. I personally found Arcade Perfect a lot harder than Zone Zeus or Beat Zico which I picked up fairly quickly. Why? Because learning the reverse of every track is a pain, but I didn't want to cheat it.

Zone is one of my favourite modes because there's a sense of constant progression... or at least there was for me. If you get to Zone 65 once you'll probably make at least 66 next time... granted it takes a while to build to those speeds, but I usually jumped a few zones with each try. It feels faster than progress with TTs or SLs and I never found it frustrating. Oh and now after months of playing I suck at racing, but I can still walk into Zone and get supersonic first try, probably because the track is burned into my memory. It'll be the same for you ^^

As for Demon's Souls, I found that easy compared to Wip3out... I think I died <15 times in the whole game. That said, it's only because I suffered so much in Dark Souls first that I can say that (probably hundreds of deaths lol). Demon's Souls is a lot easier, but I found the game mechanics helped with that. It's a lot more fluid and the button delay and queuing problems that exist in Dark Souls aren't nearly as apparent.

Your top 3000 is probably global. After Fury was released people started going for ZZ on Syncopia instead, so many people with the trophy earned it there.
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#3Eseenuz(Topic Creator)Posted 12/23/2012 6:23:17 PM
Yeah I'm going for the Plat for sure now. Arcade Perfect is in my sights lol

lol yup I could probably do Zones in Anulpha Pass with my eyes closed all zen like now heheh

I agree with you on The Souls games, except I played Demon's Souls fist and found Dark Souls to be (slightly) easier. That's impressive that you died only few times though.

yeah man lol
#4Eseenuz(Topic Creator)Posted 12/23/2012 6:25:57 PM
Have a very Wip3out Christmas everyone! lol ZONE ZEUS lol
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