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9 years ago#1
"Foolish little brother... if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life." - Uchiha Itachi
9 years ago#2
wats the point of owning this topic?
JUS FC: 3823-5445-7825 NAME: WADEY
9 years ago#3
Or this series?
He's Back!
9 years ago#4
I claim this boardin the name of Fancyb Nation!

l*** Fancyb ********l_
l**** Nation ********* l_
l************************ l
l** Will dominate **** _ l
l** secret boards! **_ l
l******************* _l
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9 years ago#5
its fun to own topics.

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