How to get play DJ Max on the Computer?

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User Info: MancerNecro

8 years ago#1
I played this game when I was at my cousin's house and fell in love with it. However, we hardly meet and I don't own a PSP so I was wondering if there was an online or Computer Version of this Game
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User Info: Ravineux

8 years ago#2
DJ Max Online shut down awhile back. It was for PC, and exclusively online. I have heard reports, however, that there will be a new version of this Online one that will even have servers for places outside of Korea, China, and Japan.
Yet the difference remains: Online only featured 5B and 7B, and you use most of your fingers. On the other hand, DJMP2 has 4B, 5B, 6B, and 8B. And you use your thumb + index fingers. Online contained playable versions of all the songs from both DJMP & DJMP2, including the SC style. So in conclusion, Online is similar, but NOT the same. Better in some ways, yet lacks from not being portable, offline, etc.

User Info: MancerNecro

8 years ago#3
Thanks for telling me. Guess I have to wait until next Christmas to get a PSP
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User Info: silent_venus

8 years ago#4
Actually the new DJ Max Trilogy will have 4B 5B 6B 7B and 8B...but only those who have preordered the game and those in korea have it now...
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User Info: coldstiffy

8 years ago#5
there's always an 02mania.

User Info: nishikado

8 years ago#6
anyone still know where to dl o2mania ?
wanna try it if there's some decent song etc..

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User Info: Black_Snake90

8 years ago#7

On this site you can find o2mania and many of the Dj Max Online songs.
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